One Day’ Episode 3 Recap

“One Day” Episode 13 Recap and Explained

“One Day” Episode 13 Recap and Explained: “One Day” is a fourteen-episode Netflix original romantic drama. On the day of graduation, Dexter and Emma meet, and they make a friendship which later leads to something more. They had different thoughts about the future, on the run they do love, and fight but in the end, their love doesn’t lie. Each episode shows a day of them each year.

The day starts on 15th July 2000 at Belsize Park. We see Dexter and Emma living together now. They are both sleeping together in bed. Both start getting ready to meet Dexter’s father. They do some romance before going out.

They went to a shop, where was Dexter’s father to help to start his own cafe shop. He asks how can it be profitable, and Dexter takes up his business plan file and gives them. He is well prepared to open this cafe and very confident. He approves his plan for opening the shop.

Next, we see them at 15th July of 2001. They are discussing their marriage, and how many people need to be invited to it. Emma works at home writing her new book. Dexter started his shop and the customers are less. Dexter tells Emma that Sylvie will stop by to give Jasmine so be nice. Emma is going for swimming daily for exercise.

When Emma came back room Sylvie was there, and Callum was also there in front of the car. Sylvie and Callum is going for a trip to Egypt, Callum is interested in Scuba diving. Sylvie says thanks for inviting her to their marriage but she won’t be attending it. She greets Emma and Dexter for their marriage. Sylvie hands over Jasmine to Emma.

Jasmine plays Vision but not well, Emma gets bored but not shows up in front of Jasmine. Emma waits for Dexter to arrive. When Dexter comes they three play kids’ games. Jasmine is very happy and they all sleep in the same bed. Emma said she needed a baby, and Dexter said we could try for it. Next, we see them on 15th July of 2002, Emma is not very happy.

Because she not getting pregnant, they tried many times but the results were negative. Dexter consoled her that it would be all ok and they could try again. They have some quarrels. Dexter finishes work in the shop and comes home, he sends a voicemail to Emma that he loves her and can try again. Emma also sends him voice that she loves him. When he hears the voice mail on another place Emma is riding a bicycle and its raining, suddenly a car comes and hit her cycle. Emma falls on the road with blood, she gets a visual of a kid in her mind.

Started as a normal episode but it ended in a tragic way. Overall the episode was good to watch, the ending was unexpected. The accident came out of nowhere, we don’t what will happen next, will she die or live. The next final episode can tell what will be the overall ending for the whole series.

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