Kota Factory Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: The awaited and loved Netflix original series ‘Kota Factory’ returns back with another season on Netflix last week. The show is getting massive love from the youth and the show is trending on Netflix for the last 14 Days. We are going to cover the Episode wise recap and here is the episode 1 recap of the show.

Episode 1 of season 3 starts just after the season 2 ended. Jeet Bhaiya is depressed and guilty after the death of one of his students Vernali (in season 2) and he is not picking up anyone’s call. His colleagues and students are worried about him but there is no update about him.

We get introduced to Dhruv who is a friend of Jeetu Bhaiya. He is planning to send someone from his family to Jeetu’s class and he tells the same to Jeetu. After a gap of more than 15 days, Jeetu Bhaiya returns back to coaching and takes his class. Everyone was happy and excited to see him back. Shockingly his behaviour was changed and he even scolds Vaibhav in the class for a silly reason.

One of the friends of Vaibhav, Minku comes to meet Vaibhav and he also gets to know everyone. Minku is a cricket player and he has Just finished the trials at IPL and he is the centre of attraction for everyone. Vaibhav starts getting jealous of Minku after his selection in IPL but Jeetu Bhaiya makes him understand that everyone has different competition and everyone has their own struggles.

Vaibhav realises his mistakes and on the other hand, we get to see that Jeetu is also taking therapy and episode 1 ends here. Episode 1 of the show was a mixed bag, we get to see another side of Jeetu Bhaiya who himself is depressed and the man who was helping everyone is feeling helpless now. Another crucial message of episode 1 is how everyone has different struggles, different stories and different timelines to succeed.

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