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‘One Day’ Episode 6 Recap and Explained

‘One Day’ Episode 6 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents a romantic drama series called ‘One Day’ with fourteen episodes. The plot revolves around Emma and Dexter who spend their graduation night together and then get separated for a long time, even though they are walking through different paths, yet they eventually try to meet up to show their affection every year.

The sixth episode opens on the year 1993, July 15th. Seems like Both of them having a busy day with their work. Dexter was getting ready for the premiere of his live variety television show. Meanwhile, Emma also had a premiere waiting for her, she was organizing her first school play as a teacher. Emma and Dexter didn’t get the chance to meet each other because of their hectic schedules.

Everyone started greeting Dexter outside the studio. Dexter seemed like very much happy about the new variety live show. He called Emma to inform her about his happiness. She already told that, she couldn’t see it because of her play which was already scheduled for the same day. Both of them wished each other and cut the call.

Later, Dexter met every staff and music band to express his gratitude for working to make the show better. On his way into the makeup room, he listened to a voice message from his dad. His das was eager to watch his show and expressed his wishes, also told Dexter not to check any reviews or comments. Dexter felt weird to hear his father boosting him suddenly.

During the makeup section, Dexter asked his manager to bring a newspaper, but the manager told him that it’s not available today. But later he found a newspaper inside the dustbin, he saw an article harassing about his looks and capabilities. He felt angry and depressed after reading the news, he had been called to come onto the stage.

Dexter felt uncomfortable to go on stage, he replaced water with vodka, he thought it would make his confidence better on stage if drank vodka in this situation. But somehow the bottle got mixed up with the co-host, Suki. She drank the vodka from that bottle and the scenario went out of hands. The show went miserably bad after the chaotic events.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Emma’s was a complete success. Ian seems to have so much affection on Emma, she takes food for her to school. They already planned another date together. On the same time, Dexter kept calling Emma to spend time with him and support him in person.

Emma and Ian got back home from the school. They saw a bouquet of flowers sent by Dexter. She watched the variety show on her television, she felt very sad to see Dexter on such a condition. She took her phone and called him. She thanked for sending flowers. Dexter completed that day on a night club, drinking alcohol all over.

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