‘One Day’ Episode 8 Recap & Explained: Netflix presents fourteen episodic romantic emotional dramas which tell the story of Dexter and Emma. Dexter works in television media and Emma works as a teacher and does her writing as a side. Two friends who know each other and have affection for each other start to have issues when their respect towards each other changes.

Episode 8 happens in the 15th of July 1995 at Walthamstow. Emma is in school, and after her work when everyone is out, she has a romance with the headmaster in his office cabin. It’s her last day of school, it’s vaccination for the next 6 weeks. The guy has a wife already and he is having s3x with Emma. He gifts Emma a Nokia phone which is very expensive at that time. Emma reached her home and saw Ian there.

Ian had spare keys to the room. Ian asks where was she this late, he has doubts about her affair. But they are not living together anymore so she tells we are not a good match and asks him for spare keys. She is angry at him about his behavior.

Ian asks her to tell him about it. As they are now friends only he tells her about reality. Emma says she is in a relationship with Mr. Godalming who si the headmaster. She says they are in affair for six months and it’s just sex affair nothing more than that. But Ian is more suspicious of her and forces her again to tell more. He says he have evidence and goes to her room.

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The room is fully shattered with her books and photos. Ian searched through all her stuff to check about her affair. He still believes she is in a relationship with Dexter. But she denies it and says they never met for year, also she is crying seeing Ian’s behavior. She warns him not to come here again and if he comes she says she will call the cops.

Their quarrel goes on but at a point, it starts to cool down. They both say sorry to each other. Ian says she needs to continue her writing, he says he read her old writings and it was impressive. She explains she is not in a relationship with Dexter. But Ian still says she loves Dexter.

Finally, they both cool down and give a hug. Ian leaves there and Emma remembers her words with Dexter that she once said she needs dinner from him when she gets a phone. The episode ends with Emma sending a voice note to Dexter asking to meet to talk.



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