Dr. Azel In ‘The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy’: Amazon prime released yet another animation sci-fic series with eight episodes in average 25minutes of runtime for each episode. The story is about two doctors Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech who are very intelligent and hardworking for making a healthy society. The series show how they both face many patients and situations in control while trying new experiments that helps their society.

The voice over for Dr. Azel is given by Sam Smith who is an English singer and song writer. He got famous at his very young age. He released many albums and got appreciation from all over the world for his vocal. Some of his released songs were ‘Lay Me Down’, ‘Stay with Me’, ‘La La La’ and many. He had very unique voice for singing which made him very popular. For Dr. Azel it needed a soft but a gentleman like voice, Sam was best choice for that character. He maintained that charmness of Dr. Azel with his vocals and accent.

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Dr. Azel works in Nebula General Hospital and is very well respected by every doctors who knows him. Dr. Azel is a gentleman, other doctors see him in that way. He follow every rules and protocols and only goes through direct way. He has a very good character and is very good at his job.

He gives lectures to other doctors below him. He have a great experience in this doctor field. Dr. Klak had a crush on Azel for a long time. Dr. Azel goto any extent even if it break the protocols for Dr. Klak. He likes and respects Dr. Klak very much. Eventhough they speak very less they have a very good bonding.

Dr. Azel is a well reputed doctor in Nebula general, many hospitals tried to recruit him to their hospitals but he never gone there. After anxiety worm started attacking everyone in final episode, Dr. Azel risked his job and his life to fix it for Dr. Klak. After that incident he left Nebula General hospital and joined as senior doctor in Dr. Klak’s hospital.

That’s all about the character of Dr. Azel. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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