Queen of Tears Episode 14 Recap: From the creator of “Crash Landing on You”, Netflix released sixteen episodic romantic comedy Korean dramas. The series deals with the relationship between a married couple who got divorced but started loving each other again.

When Hong Hae In got a brain tumour everyone with her started worrying about her condition and will she survive and will she able to live with her family Baek Hyun Woo is the plot of this Korean drama.

Episode 14 opened with a flashback of Hong Hae In and Baek Hyun Woo together in a graveyard. Hong Hae In asks Baek Hyun Woo if he also comes like this when she dies. Baek Hyun Woo tells her he will die one day after her death as he can’t live without her. Cut to the current situation, Baek Hyun Woo told Hong Hae In about the after-effects of surgery.

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She left there saying she couldn’t choose getting surgery when her memories would be erased. Hong Hae In took Baek Hyun Woo to a place in Germany where they used to come when they went on honeymoon.

Hong Hae In told Baek Hyun Woo that she had great memories there and if she can’t remember anything after the surgery what’s the point of her existence, that’s why chose not to get surgery. Hong Hae In’s aunt went to Baek Hyun Woo village again to see her crush guy there. Hong Hae In’s brother was there working he took his aunt to Baek Hyun Woo’s home where his parents also came.

They called Hong Hae In in a video call to speak about the surgery. They forced her to do the surgery but she was not willing. At the end of the conversation, they filled with tears and Hong Hae In too.

At the same time, Yoon Eun Seong was ready to leave Korea for Germany for Hong Hae In’s surgery. But Yoon Eun Seong warned him not to go as an investors’ meeting was being held there to change CEO and he needed to be there. But Yoon Eun Seong forcefully went to Germany to be with Hong Hae In when she woke up so that he can take over Baek Hyun Woo’s position because she couldn’t remember anything at that time.

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So if he says anything she will believe it. Hong Hae In’s parents told her that Baek Hyun Woo contacted hundreds of hospitals and mailed them to get surgery for Hong Hae In. Hong Hae In got emotional and told Baek Hyun Woo that she was okay with surgery. They start surgery on Hong Hae In. At the same time, the land dealer who kidnapped Baek Hyun Woo before got dead yesterday and the police were behind the culprit. But Yoon Eun Seong planned a fake case on Baek Hyun Woo by putting blood stains on Baek Hyun Woo in the vehicle.

Hong Soo Cheol worked at Baek Hyun Woo’s father’s shop. Hong Soo Cheol sold food that was very costly at a very low rate without knowing it was costly. Baek Hyun Woo’s father fired him from the shop for his doing. Yoon Eun Seong’s mother came to the village to meet Hong Soo Cheol’s wife as she betrayed her by coming back to Hong Soo Cheol. Yoon Eun Seong’s mother asked Hong Soo Cheol’s wife for the USB she has. But she didn’t give her and warned her not to approach Hong Soo Cheol again.

Hong Soo Cheol’s real husband called her and threatened her and told her he is in Korea now. The surgery finished for Hong Hae In, but when Baek Hyun Woo tried to see her police came to Baek Hyun Woo and arrested him for the murder case of that land dealer. Apparently, Yoon Eun Seong was at the hospital too. Yoon Eun Seong went to Hong Hae In’s room and met her when got awake. Yoon Eun Seong told her he was her old lover and showed them their photo.

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Hong Hae In asked about Baek Hyun Woo, apparently she only knows one thing which is the name Baek Hyun Woo. Yoon Eun Seong told her that Baek Hyun Woo was her ex-husband and they are divorced and he was a bad guy.

Also, he said Baek Hyun Woo got arrested by Interpol today. Hong Hae In’s parents called her to see the news about Baek Hyun Woo but Yoon Eun Seong took the phone and told them he was with her and they couldn’t come to Germany as they had issues with going to another country. Baek Hyun Woo is now in police custody who is unable to see Hong Hae In with his current situation.

Overall the episode was a bit more dramatic and emotional. As the final episodes are coming they are into the conclusion of what will happen to their future.



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