‘One Day’ Episode 9 Recap & Explained: Netflix presents a fourteen-episodic romantic drama that tells the story of Emma and Dexter. Emma is an ambitious girl who works hard to make her life better and do something good to society, Dexter is a playboy who enjoys his life traveling, clubbing, and girls.

These two persons meet and make a bond to each other, further, they go they get different approaches to each other.

This episode day happens in The Cotswolds on the 15th of July 1996. They show an advertisement shooting Dexter acting for a game. Next, we see Dexter in a car with his new girlfriend Slyvie. They are both happy, and they come to Sylvie’s home to introduce Dexter to her parents. She shows him her house, Sylvie’s parents are very richer than Dexter.

They maintain a high status in society, so they look down on others. Sylvie has twin brothers in the house in their teenage. Dexter and Sylvie have a romance in her room and dress up to meet family. Dexter introduces him, but her parents are not happy with him. They are mocking him and his family. They care about status and tell very little about Dexter’s family.

Sylvie’s father offers Dexter drinks, but he says no to them. But her father kept making jokes on their status as they couldn’t afford a drink like this. Dexter is keeping his calmness to avoid any mistakes. Her brothers are also mocking Dexter on every word he says. Suddenly Dexter gets a phone call from his agent, and he goes out to talk with Sylvie’s father’s permission.

The agent tells him that the producers of the game are not happy with his advertisement, so they said not interested in Dexter working for series 2. Dexter got upset with it, and agent also mocked him saying we can do car advertising than these which suits him. Too many arguments and mocking go on about Dexter, but controls his attitude on all.

At night Dexter comes to the hall and sees everyone ready to play a game. He tries to avoid doing it but they keep forcing to do it. The game is that two persons tie their eyes with cloth and one guy slaps on other guy with a paper roll and other guy needs to avoid it. Starts with Dexter and one brother, Dexter get many beatings and falls on the floor. The game goes on playing for more time.

Everyone is happy playing it except Dexter. Finally Dexter and Sylvie start playing, suddenly when Dexter beat Sylvie she falls down and blood comes from her nose. Everyone blamed it on Dexter. When Dexter and Sylvie went for sleep, Dexter told her sorry for what he did. She is okay too. When Dexter closes his eyes he gets glimpses of memories of him with Emma that day 1. He laughs about that memory and say to Sylvie that he remembered his old friend.

As usual, the episode was very normal and plain, apart from some new characters there was nothing new. But we see a development in Dexter’s character in his maturity in behaving to others. Getting memories of Emma may lead to a different plot on the next episodes.

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