Kota Factory Season 3 Episode 4: Kota Factory season 3 is now streaming with all episodes in Multiple audio versions and subtitles. The story gets serious with each passing episode and after a super busy episode 3 here goes the recap and explanation of what happened in episode 4.

Episode 4 starts with the usual conversation between Uday and his Parents and on the other hand, Vaibhav and Meena are stressed about the examination as they are not able to solve the question paper from 2015. Uday’s Parents keep on asking about the preparations and Uday keeps lying with his parents. He even also demanded extra money for coaching and studies and then he spent that money on Playing games and having fun.

The next day after Playing games at the cafe, Uday goes on a ride with his game partner and there he drinks alcohol. while driving Uday met with an accident as he was under the influence of Alcohol. Udya lies to his parents but very soon his lies get exposed and everyone comes to know that Uday was drinking last night and there he meets with an accident.

Uday’s Parents were very angry with him and they are now taking Uday back home as Uday was not serious about his studies. Udays says sorry to Parents but that was of no use. Vaibhav and Meena go to Jeet Bhaiya and ask him to help in Uday’s situation. Jeet Bhaiya yells at Uday’s mother over a small argument and everyone is shocked to see this again.

Pooja Mam handles the situation after that and somehow she manages to convince Uday’s parents to let him stay in Kota. Pooja’s Father advised her to continue with AIMERS as her idealogy meets with AIMERS. Vaibhav got Panicked due to the date sheet of JEE and Boards. Gagan sir consoles the students and he advised them to take one step at a time and focus on the examination.

This ends episode 4 of the show and now be ready for some great shockers ahead. The JEE exam is nearing and it will be interesting to see the plans of Vaibhav and Meena. Stay tuned with us and follow on social media for updates.


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