‘One Day’ Episode 5 Recap: “One Day” is a romantic Netflix original series released in fourteen episodes. Just like the title each episode is a small portion of the lives of Dexter and Emma that happens on the 15th of July of each year. The series tells love and fights that happen between these two persons and how they unite again in the end.

Episode 5 happens in 15th July of 1992 in London. Dexter is at a pub enjoying drugs and drinks, smoking. He looks very exhausted with the stuff, he is going to overdose and he gets blurred vision. He meets a girl to hook up and he introduces his friend to her. Next, we see him in the morning getting ready to meet his mom. His mother is sick, and he is very exhausted from the night pub.

He went to home to meet his mother three hours late. She looks tired from her illness, so Dexter gives her a gift from Emma. She asks why he is humiliating everyone this much. He feels that her illness is getting worse. But she doesn’t like to talk about it.

Dexter takes his mother upstairs to make her rest in bed. Her room is very suffocating for him, the smell, the things all make suffering for him. He opens the window and takes a deep breath. She tells him to sleep here tonight, but he refuses as he has plans that he has film premiere today, and Princess Diana also coming there. She requests to be on for supper at 6’o o’clock and he agrees to it.

He goes to his room and sleeps there. His mother woke him up and then he got to know he was sleeping the whole day. Mother tells him that he disappointed her and their father. She says we gave money, freedom, and everything but didn’t utilize to secure the future and didn’t go on a good path.

Dexter’s mother advises him to be nice to everyone and become something in the future. As he goes down his father was waiting for him. Dexter couldn’t find his keys as it’s on his father’s hands. Father is angry about him coming home drunk. He says he will drop at the station but won’t give the keys as he is drunk. Father drops him at the railway station, while he is going to leave Father scolds him and warns him never come to home drunken anymore and leaves with the car very fast.

Dexter calls Emma from the station but she is out for her date with Ian. Dexter records voicemail and says that he has 2 tickets for the Basic Instinct movie, if she comes both can go, and he had very bad day so he is in sober. Emma is at a fancy restaurant on a date with Ian. They both are not going well with the date when they speak.

Emma says she got an interview and she is no longer a student and she she can pay half of the bill. Ian says Dexter is taking her for granted, and he is not good for her. After they come out, she says she is happy with the date and they kiss each other. They go to Ian’s home, and while they go we see Dexter’s voiceover that he sending voicemails saying he canceled the premier and is ready to meet Emma.

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