‘The Impossible Heir’ Ending Explained: Disney plus presents ‘The Impossible Heir’, a twelve episodic revenge thriller show. The plot revolves around a wealthy family called Kangoh, an illegitimate son of the chairman of Kangoh who wants to take control of the company. He seeks help from his close childhood friend for his greater goals, and with complete loyalty his close friend makes way for his succession.

Things get pretty much dark after the illegitimate son shows his true nature of betrayal after getting into a position inside the family

Episode 12 begins with Han Taeo praying in front of his mother’s memorial. Na Hye Won enters the place to pay respect to Han Taeo’s mother. While having a conversation with Han Taeo, Na Hye comforts him with her words. He is completely devastated after the death of his mother. Later, he went to his childhood place and cherished his memory from his old house.

He also gets glimpses of past memories of Kang Inha and him from the same place. Later, Han Taeo returns to the city, in his apartment, there are a dozen of photos and information related to the whole Kangoh group. He tears down currently irrelevant people from the list. At the end of the list, Han Taeo focuses his complete target on Kang Inha.

Back at the office, Kang Inha prepares to become the next chairman of the company. He reached the office, his assistants were waiting for him at the reception. They all get into an escalator, on a random floor, when the life opens, Kang Inha meets a bunch of prosecutors waiting for him. The main prosecutor shows him an official arrest warrant for the murder of Kang Inju.

Kang Inha opposes their action to put chains on his hands just before announcing his chairman duties. When the door going to close, Han Taeo arrives in front of him with a satisfying smile on his face. Meanwhile, the hacker and his new associates follow the prison guard, who got suspended for killing Mo Gijun. The prison guard confesses about the influence of Kang Inha in every crime. Shockingly, Mo Gijun didn’t die yet, he was saved by the prison doctor and protected under the custody of Han Taeo.

Mo Gijun also confesses that Kang Inha is the mastermind for all the murders. Kang Inha made Mo Gijun his dog instead of making him a friend. Meanwhile, after the arrest of Kang Inha, Han Taeo visits the chairman at the hospital. He says that he will protect the Kangoh group untill the chairman arrives. After some days, Kang Hee Ju calls Han Taeo to come to her house for a private conversation.

When he reaches there, Kang Hee Ju introduces the Chairman in a wheelchair. Later, Kang Inha receives a letter stating that the Chairman removed Kang’s name from Inha’s identity into Baek. He is not longer an official member of the Kangoh family.

Kang Seongju meets his mother at the prison, she insists him to grab the chairman position. But, Kang Seongju denies her request, he wants to fulfil his father’s duties in other ways, other than fighting within the company. Later, Han Taeo meets with Kang Inha at the prison, they talk about their childhood days for some time. Han Taeo was very much disappointed when everything ended like this. He also states that he friendship was truthful when he started it during his childhood days.

Han Taeo leaves a group photo of both of them along with Na Hye Won. That day, he meets Na Hye Won and asks her how she feels about Kang Inha trapped inside the prison. She didn’t get affected much due to the absence of Kang Inha, she is now happy with Han Taeo.

The episode now went forward to three years later. Kang Seongju is seen as very respectful among staff and everyone. He successfully increased the stock value of the Kangoh Foundation. Meanwhile, the Chairman is still wheelchair and he is taken by Han Taeo to the top of a building. Han Taeo shows him Kangoh City final look. It was a long-time wish of the chairman and finally, Han Taeo made it possible for him. At the end of the episode, Kang Seongju goes to the chairman’s office and meets Han Taeo at the chairman’s seat.

In a flashback, the former chairman appoints Han Taeo as the next chairman for the actions he took to protect the company from all threats. In the present, Kang seongju accepts his current position and appreciates Han Taeo for the success of his new project.



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