Behind Your Touch Episode 1 Plot, Summary, and Recap: The story of the show starts with Bong Ye Bun running towards an accident site where we get to see that her mother has died in a car accident. Ye Bun then visits her Aunt, and from there she goes to her new school the next day. She meets a girl named “Ok Hui.” Hui is the daughter of Ye Bun’s mom’s close friend. Days pass, and the story now shifts to 15 years later, and we get to see that Ye Bun has completed her Vet Degree, and she now runs a hospital named Bog Pet Hospital.

Now, here we get to see the entry of another character named Moon Jang Yeol, who is a police officer at the Violent Crime Unit. Today is his first day at his office, and as he reaches the office, he sees that the officers are running out in a hurry as if something has happened outside, and they are going to solve the crime. Jang Yeol asks his colleague what is happening, and he is told that there is a serious case outside.

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In the next frame, we see Ye Bun on top of a cow, and the cow is running out of control along with her. Jang Yeol is shocked and frustrated to see this as his first case. The first impression of his first posting as a police officer was not good as of now.

Jang Yeol starts living in his colleague Deok Hee’s house, and here we also get introduced to Deok Hee’s sister, Ok Hui. In another frame, we see that Bong Ye Bun visits a house to check the medical condition of a cow. When Bong Ye Bun was checking the cow with her hands, a comet falls on the cow, and in the next frame, we get to see Bong Ye Bun sleeping in her house, and she wakes up after 3 days.

When Bong Ye Bun wakes up, she notices that she has got some powers. Whenever she touches the back of any animal or any living being, she gets to know about their past. She can see everything that happened to that body in the last few hours. Bong Ye Bun visits a tantrik, and he says that something is wrong with her and she needs to do some rituals to get rid of it. Upon doing the rituals, Bong Ye Bun realizes that the tantrik is a fraud and leaves from there.

She is not sure if she has powers and can know the backstory of anyone by touching their back. She tries to check her powers on a public bus, and meanwhile, she is arrested by Jang Yeol as he thinks that she was touching that man inappropriately.

Behind Your Touch

After some time, Bong Ye Bun is released by the police officer. Meanwhile, we also get to see that Bun’s auntie has a good and romantic past with the Police Station in charge, Jung Muk. When she tries to talk to him about their past, Bun’s auntie is arrested. In the last few minutes of the episode, we get to see that Bun touches Jang Yeol’s back by mistake, and there she gets to know about everything regarding his past, and the first episode ends here.

The first episode was full of fun and drama for me. The chemistry between Jang Yeol and Ye Bun was great to watch. There were some sequences where the show was a little slow and dull. Bun helping the old man with the dog was emotional to watch. The episode was decent, and now it will be interesting to see how she uses her power to catch the criminals and killers and what happens between Jang and Ye Bun in the upcoming episodes.



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