‘One Day’ Episode 4 Recap: Netflix presents a romantic drama series called ‘One Day’. This show has fourteen episodes with an average duration of twenty-five minutes. The story revolves around two young people, Emma and Dexter who spend their graduation night together and then part ways with different aims, even though they are walking through different paths, they eventually try to meet up to show their affection is the rest of the story.

The fourth episode begins in the year 1991, July 15th. Dexter and Emma went on a summer vacation to the beautiful city of Greece. They traveled on a cruise ship, they seemed to enjoy the scenery a lot. They got out of the ship and walked towards the hotel.

They took a single room with a pretty small bed. After resting a bit, they went to the beach on the daytime. They wore swimsuits and started talking about their personal life. Emma started using skin care cream to protect from sunburn, Dexter teased her about it.

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Suddenly two unknown people came to talk with them. They somehow knew or watched Dexter’s performance, they greeted him well. Later, Emma and Dexter went for swimming. They saw people naked on the shore and started laughing. Emma was working in a restaurant as a part-timer, but she still looking forward for her career as a teacher.

Emma and Dexter planned to stay at Greece for the next eight days. Emma told Dexter to share a secret on every night till eight night. By this method, they can get rid of their boredom. Dexter mentioned his experience of kissing a man after getting drunk. Meanwhile, Emma thought about a secret and with a smile she started talking about it. After graduation, she had a massive crush on Dexter, it’s not just a small crush, she even wrote poetry thinking about him.

With a smile on their face, Dexter told her that, this one would not count because he already know that she had a crush on him and it’s not a secret from starting itself.

Emma and Dexter completed their dinner out and kept walking to the beach at night. Dexter suddenly threw off his dress and ran into the water. He kept shouting loud and called Emma to join. She also removed her costume and ran into the water. They kept talking while enjoying at the water. Dexter tried to mingle with her sexually but Emma kind of seems unhappy with what Dexter has been doing.

Dexter felt disappointed and left the beach, Emma also got disappointed and angry at the same time. They came back to their room and started sleeping on the same bed. Both were sleeping on opposite sleeping positions in bed, which shows how their mood changed after the incident at the beach.



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