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“One Day” Episode 10 Recap and Explained

“One Day” Episode 10 Recap: “One Day” is a Netflix original romantic drama released in fourteen episodes. The story revolves around Emma and Dexter. Both met at a graduation party and got to know each other. But some things made them separate and later they reunite. How their friendship and love progress when they are not seeing each other and having other relationships same time is what the series shows.

The episode starts in 15th July 1997 in Somerset. There is a wedding ceremony happening at the hall. It looks like Emma’s friend Tilly’s marriage. Dexter came to the wedding with Sylvie. Dexter sat on the corner seats and looked at the door every minute he was looking to see Emma. Sylvie mocks him about searching for his ex-girlfriends at the door.

Emma and her friends come in the car late, they are dressed up well to attend the marriage. As they enter the hall Tilly comes and welcomes her, Tilly is very happy on the day. Tilly says Dexter she invited Dexter to the marriage and he is here. As Emma sits and the seat she sees Dexter at the front, they share a smile to each other.

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Tilly arrives with her father and the marriage gets officially done. Everyone gathered for drinks and chats. Some old friends enquire about Emma about her job and quitting her teacher’s job. Dexter meets Emma and has a small chat. Emma gives a speech on the stage about her small story that happened with Tilly. Dexter’s old friend comes to Dexter and Sylvie and have a chat.

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He mocks Dexter about his television job, that guy has his own business in many locations. He mocks he doesn’t watch this kind of television crap. But Sylvie is not much surprised and keeps listening to him. He offers a job to Dexter mocking him, Dexter declines it but Sylvie says they will consider it. Dexter felt shame in front of them.

Everyone starts dancing in the hall, Emma and Dexter cut the dance and go out for a chat. There is a maze outside the hall, they go inside it to walk and talk. Dexter says he knows her leaving teaching and writing a book, which he appreciates the decision. Emma says she never missed his show at television. Dexter gives Emma his wedding invitation, he is going to marry Sylvie in 7 weeks.

Also, he says Sylvie is carrying his child. So a marriage and a child both same time. Emma is surprised and she feels Dexter is again going far away from her. She tells him to stay in touch as friends, and Dexter says this won’t affect their friendship and they will be good friends both share a kiss and walk to the hall to meet Sylvie

This episode gives a bit of surprise like Dexter saying quit drinking and drugs and smokes on rare times, also Dexter is getting married and he is going to be a father. And main thing is that Dexter and Emma met and restarted their friendship. Compared to the last episodes this episode is of good surprise for viewers.


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