A Killer Paradox Episode 6: Netflix presents a South Korean eight episodic crime thriller drama with investigation and action elements. The plot revolves around a young man and his superhero behaviors. His attempt to become a superhero who gives justice to society puts his life on the edge of destruction.

The sixth episode starts with Lee Tang getting into an elevator, after seeing a young man inside the elevator, Lee Tang gets neck tickles, and he suddenly walks away from the elevator. The guy got offended by this, he took the fire extinguisher and sprayed it across Lee Tang’s room. On the other side, Song Chon took off his gloves, and white-black hands were shown.

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Yong Jae, the associate detective of Nan Gam got hospitalized after the bomb blast at Sang min’s apartment. He got frustrated to see Nan gam doing nothing about it and he mentioned that he saw Song Chon at Sang Min’s apartment.

Nan Gam’s mother got angry with him for taking calls inside the hospital room. He was pretty upset about his father, who’s still in a coma condition on a ventilator. Lee Tang was on the run to get away from cops. Meanwhile, Roh bin kept looking for Lee Tang. When Roh Bin reached his home, he found Song Chon inside. Chon worked with him at first, but chon was a bit cruel and unpredictable, so Roh bin removed him from the team.

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Now, song chon wants to meet up with Lee Tang. Roh bin refused the request and got attacked. Yong Jae came to Roh bin’s house, and chon threw him out of the window and caused damage.

Roh bin surrendered himself to Nan Gam at the police station. He told me everything about recent events. He explained that Song Chon killed those people, and also added that the gas explosion and attack on Yong Jae were also done by Song Chon.

Nan Gam was dissatisfied with Roh bin’s confession and he left the station. On the other side, Chon got triggered by a conversation between a young man and a woman with a taxi driver. He took both of them to a rooftop and killed them brutally. The girl who got killed was from a wealthy Buyeon Construction family and Nan Gam was appointed to solve the case.

Roh bin sought help from Buyeon Construction to kill Song Chon. Lee Tang went to meet Chon at an abandoned bar. They both expressed their point of view, Lee Tang got irritated by Chon’s behavior. He tried to attack Chon but got hit in return. Roh bin reached the same bar with a group of Buyeon thugs, they started fighting with Song Chon. Lee Tang and Roh Bin escaped in the middle of a fight.

Overall the sixth episode was a little bit slower. The story shifted from the core plot, starting episodes were much better and more thrilling compared to this episode. Lee Tang’s character lost focus on this episode, meanwhile, Song Chon took the lead on most of the portions. Lee Tang moved From a heroic person to a survival person. Hope the creators focused more on Lee Tang’s portions than the second leads on the next episodes. This episode looks dull and less thrilling.



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