Destined With You Episode 1: Netflix presents a South Korean sixteen-episode fantasy romantic series “Destined With You,” which is currently streaming on Netflix in Hindi, English, and Korean languages with subtitles. Two episodes are currently available on Netflix, and the rest will be released weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

In this article, we are going to discuss a recap of the series episode by episode. But before that, let’s learn about the overview of the story. It’s a romantic tale about a lawyer who is struggling with a genetic curse, but later, he falls in love with a public servant girl who has a strong connection with him.

One rainy day near Mountain Onju, we see a destroyed abandoned shrine. Lee Hong-jo lies down on the floor, and suddenly, she sees Jang Shin-yu in front of her. Seeing him in his deep black suit, Lee Hong-jo thinks he might be a grim reaper as she’s never had a boyfriend before. She feels happy to see a handsome grim reaper, and she also wants to go to a tea house with him. Meanwhile, Shin-yu takes a photo of Hong-jo and leaves.

Later, we go back to six months ago when Hong-jo worked as a civil servant, taking responsibility for the public. She goes to a construction site with some people who are complaining about the excessive noise. Just then, the project manager of the construction building jumps from the top and commits suicide.

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Returning to the present, Shin-yu works as a professional lawyer. We see him feeling a bloody red hand all over his body and trying to communicate with it. According to some sources, it’s a type of curse that he feels, which might be related to his brain’s genetic disorder. He works at “Haum Construction,” a place where people are committing suicide. Shin-yu claims that the guy who committed suicide six months ago did so to claim insurance money for his son’s cancer treatment. Whenever Shin-yu is alone, he feels that bloody hand around him and hears some unidentified voices.

Hong-jo’s work as a civil servant is quite impressive. However, her teammates aren’t impressed and complain about her, leading to her transfer to the Cityhall’s park maintenance department. It’s a sort of promotion, but she doesn’t want to go there because she dislikes Mr. Gong. Meanwhile, she thinks she might not join his team, but she remains hopeless. That night, she sees the moon turn “blood red,” a sign of impending bad luck.

On the other side, a YouTuber goes to Mt. Onju to record the old haunted shrine. People believe that a skilled shaman lived there a long time ago. Around 31.5 million people watch his livestream. His life ends when he falls onto a cutting blade. Then, Hong-jo wakes up from her dream.

The next day, she goes to work at the Town Hall and meets Mr. Gong. On her first day, Mr. Gong scolds her severely because she was supposed to be appointed in the Greenway Building Division, but she ended up in the Park Management group. Later, she meets her colleagues Yoo Su-jeong and Son Sae-byeol. The chief is absent as she’s on vacation. While having lunch with her colleagues, she sees Kwon Jae-gyeong for the first time.

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The following day, some members of the public visit the town hall because their son died in the old shrine. They believe the shrine is haunted and should be removed. As some people are reluctant to accept the case due to the haunting, Hong-jo takes on the case and goes to the shrine alone. She reaches the shrine and finds it abandoned and destroyed. She goes inside to inspect and finds an unidentified idol. She also hears a voice. While moving forward, she sees Shin-yu and falls to the floor, marking the start of this episode.

Later, she wakes up and realizes she’s still lying in bed. She takes some photos and gives them to Mr. Gong. She starts interrogating local people and learns that the old shaman who lived there was named Eun-wol. Currently, a boy from a noble family has hired the place. He is none other than Shin-yu himself.

Shin-yu meets his dad, who orders him to take care of the old haunted temple, but Shin-yu hasn’t been fulfilling his duty. His father also orders him to leave his law work and take care of the old shrine. Perhaps his father and grandfather are aware of his illness as they notice Shin-yu’s trembling hand.

He visits a doctor for a routine checkup and finds a problem near the basal ganglia. A damaged blood vessel wall has caused a vascular disease leading to headaches and trembling in his right hand. The doctor states it’s a genetic disorder, and in the near future, Shin-yu might experience right hemiplegia, which could cause loss of sensation in his hand, feet, and possibly language impairment. The doctor explains that there’s no cure for this problem, but avoiding stress could help in healing.

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After that, Hong-jo meets with Shin-yu. She encounters him in a lift but mistakes him for the Grim Reaper as she doesn’t know his name. Later, a lady receptionist informs her about Shin-yu. Hong-jo requests him to demolish the haunted shrine, but Shin-yu refuses. So, she considers getting permission from the shaman who used to perform there. Hong-jo leaves and meets Kwon Jae-kyung, who works at Onju City Hall. Previously, we saw that she and her colleagues were charmed by him, and she saved him from protesters. They meet again in a lift, where Jae-kyung talks with her. Hong-jo is enchanted by his charm and falls for him.

Hong-jo realizes that if she can’t convince Shin-yu to demolish the haunted house, the villagers might file a case against the Mayor, causing many problems. She meets Shin-yu again and asks him for the shaman’s address. This time, Shin-yu agrees to help and gives her the address of “Nuri Hospital.” She goes there and meets an old lady. Eun-wol agrees to the demolition of the haunted shrine on Mt. Onju. Upon hearing this news, Shin-yu meets Eun-wol and asks her how the civil servant girl convinced her.

Eun-wol then reveals something crucial; she says, “Shin-yu killed that woman, and the owner of the bloody hand that caresses his cheek is actually Hong-jo’s hand.” Eun-wol adds that Shin-yu’s karma will consume him, and he will struggle in pain. However, this curse of pain will end when the owner of the wooden box appears. What Eun-wol tells him is crucial for the series, as everything she says holds significance.

We see Hong-jo walking in the middle of the woods, heading toward the shrine. There, she meets Shin-yu and is left speechless. As Shin-yu knows everything, he accepts the truth. Some priests arrive for a family tradition and worship the shrine one last time. Later that night, the entire temple is demolished, and Shin-yu finds a wooden box. Eun-wol mentioned this wooden box before and stated that Hong-jo herself is its owner. Thus, meeting her might alleviate Shin-yu’s pain.

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Meanwhile, on the other side, Hong-jo feels completely isolated as her colleagues and boss avoid her. Feeling helpless, Hong-jo cries alone, and then Shin-yu arrives to keep her company.

This is how episode 1 ends, with Shin-yu extending his hand towards Hong-jo. Their relationship begins, but it remains unanswered how their lives are connected through the past. More importantly, what’s inside the wooden box? Since Hong-jo is its owner, she’s unaware of its contents. Let’s uncover all of this in the next episode.



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