Ishura Episode 12 Recap and Explained: Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same Name. The anime adaptation is currently streaming now in Disney Plus Hotstar with only Ten Episodes, while the rest will come weekly.

In this article, we are gonna discuss a recap of the 11th episode but before this let’s have a quick recap of the story of this Anime series. There was an age of The Demon King where he controlled the whole world but after his death, all the heroes around the world gathered together to prove their powers. Previously we have seen an intense fight scene between Soujirou & Dakai.

A human & wyvern relationship Makes us emotional. Also, we see Taren accepted that she is the true Demon king. Let’s see what’s waiting in the last episode.

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What surprises are waiting in the last episode? It started with unrealistic silence. We see Taren watching the town from the window. Suddenly Kuze arrives there. Kuze said he tried to save the life of Curte but failed to do so. But He asks Taren why she started this war. Taren replied, ” To rule the world in place of Aureatia”. Kuze said, ” A country that relies on mercenaries and Wyverns for military strength would never last long”. Kuze thinks this war is to gather the Monsters who can be a threat to the world.

Taren remains silent. Although she use Curte to control the Wyverns army. Kuze understands that Curte means to nothing in front of her. As he is a knight he is ready to challenge Taren. He wants to hear the last of worf of Taren. Taren replied that she wanted a hero. She also added, ” someone That shows there is indeed a power stronger than fear in this world, someone who gives the people hope; A true Hero”. Kuze delivered the last word of Curte to her mother ( Taren). The last word of Curte was ” Please save my mom”.

We see Lana. Who is injured and roaming in the city? She said the Monster is everyone now who will save the World? She is very badly injured & vomiting blood. Understood, that Elea slowly poisoned her. On the other side, Hidow & Harghent talk about the situation after the war. Sargent said it was the ending of the new Principality of Lithia. He is still curious about where the fire of the city had gone!

The people of Lithia are still thinking about Taren. Kia said to Elea that after finishing study in Aureatia she would return to Eta. She feels sad that she could not help more to the people of this city. Elea said it’s not her fault. Elea knows the power of Kia just stayed silent after all. They are going to stick together Wherever they are going. Later we see after the situation of battle. The dead bodies are poured under the coffin because lots of soldiers died. Kuze is present there to pray for the people of the city.

We see Soujirou & Yuno are leaving Aureatia. Yuno said Hidow’s order was to execute Taren but they failed to do it. So, she is afraid that Soujirou is unable to take part in the imperial competition. Soujirou said he didn’t mind at all because he enjoyed the fighting with Dakai. Soujirou is kicked out of his last world. He doesn’t do anything just knows how to swing a sword & kill the enemy. Yuno promised him to guide around the world to the Imperial Competition meanwhile she also wants to learn about his World.

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Hidow found the dead body of Nihilo. But he can see Alus who is alive & worked as a Trump card of this war .

We see One year ago, we saw Minia Third Minister, Jelki who was on the way to choosing a Self-proclaimed Demon king. He met with Yuca who is fighting with his fellow minions. We also see Elea come with a girl known as Queen Sephite, As they are searching for the true hero after the demon king dies. The young girl ordered to find out to make a Self-proclaimed true hero. That’s how this episode ended. This episode is nothing but delivering the fate of the warriors.

All episodes of ” Ishura ” are currently streaming now On Disney plus Hotstar in Japanese language along with subtitles.



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