“One Day” Episode 12 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents another romantic drama that shows the love and friendship between Emma and Dexter. The series has fourteen episodes, were each episode is 15th July of each year in the series. Each episode shows the things happening on that specific day of each year. The series shows the love and conflicts happening around Dexter and Emma.

The day is 15th July of 1999. Dexter came to Paris to meet Emma. Emma is now a famous book author. Her book is best-selling now, and she has improved in her writing. Emma got ready with her makeup to meet Dexter Dexter is coming on a train, and he kept getting calls from Sylvie.

Dexter is now single, he and Sylvie got divorced and Sylvie is with Callum. Dexter meets Emma at the railway station. They are very happy to see each other after some time.

Dexter and Emma go to a shop to drink something. Emma offers wine, but Dexter declines as he almost stops drinking it. He says drinking those only makes things worse for him and not does do anything good so he stopped it. Dexter shows Emma’s published book to her and asks for an autograph. Emma writes down and says don’t read it now. Dexter says he read the book for almost 4 pages and he couldn’t continue it. Emma asks Dexter about Sylvie and the baby. He gets emotional when he thinks about his kid.

Dexter says his kid started to walk, and he couldn’t see when his kid started walking. When he talks about kid Dexter gets emotional and cries. Dexter says he is very happy to see her. Dexter and Emma go to her room. As they enter the room Dexter starts kissing her. But she blocks the kissing. While talking they say about their last one-night stand when Dexter came to her sad.

She says she is committed now and his name is Jean Pierre. Dexter becomes sad and asks why she didn’t tell him. She says she didn’t get time to tell. Jean comes to the room and introduces him to Dexter. They ask Dexter to come for dinner but Dexter says he has throat issues. After they are gone, Dexter does a bath, and suddenly Emma comes and says she also lied to Jean about her throat. They kiss and have sex at the end.

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This episode is a breakthrough to their love, Dexter is divorced and comes to Emma. And now they fall in love again. The episode is good and watchable with their romantic proposal.



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