This episode picks up where episode 1 ended. Shin-yu extends his hand to help Hong-jo. Hong-jo asks him to leave, but Shin-yu wants her to come with him. As the temple is demolished, Hong-jo struggles to understand what he wants now. Shin-yu gifts her the wooden box and tells her she is the owner of it. He is excited about what’s inside the box.

Hong-jo returns home, reflecting on her conversation with Shaman Eun-wol. Eun-wol told Hong-jo not to think about her father, who is gone. Eun-wol knows her pain and loneliness. Hong-jo believes her words and tries to open the box but can’t. She even tries using a hammer but is unsuccessful.

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The next day, she goes to the garden and inspects various flowers. Shin-yu keeps asking if she opened the box, but Hong-jo hasn’t done so yet. Later that night, she video calls Shin-yu and attempts to open the box in front of him. Instead of opening it, she places it in a wall almirah as a display. Living alone in her house, she realizes the light isn’t working one night. She hallucinates Jae-kyung with her, reminding her of her loneliness. Then she notices a notification and sees that the box has opened. Upon opening it, she finds a diary titled “Spells of the Heavens.” The introduction page reads, “I, Aeng-cho, a shaman of Joseon, write this spell book after acquiring secret skills toward the end of my life.” It also states, “Only I and the person I choose can cast the spells.”

The book contains various spells, such as an aging stop spell and a love spell. Initially, she rejects it, but she later becomes eager to use the “Love Spell.” She starts reading it.

On another note, Jae-kyung speaks to the mayor about losing a lawsuit against Haum Construction. He mentions that lawyers representing Onju City are losing 60% of cases, resulting in the waste of around 1.2 billion won from the city’s budget. He suggests hiring a new legal advisor and maintaining two law firms in City Hall. Although the mayor agrees, the challenge lies in finding a competent lawyer willing to work for less money. Jae-kyung meets with Shin-yu, expressing his trust in Shin-yu’s motivations beyond money. He asks Shin-yu to work in City Hall, and Shin-yu’s response remains unknown for now.

Destined With You
Destined With You

Shin-yu attends a meeting with Law&High and resigns from his position to move forward. He faces scolding from his father but receives support from his mother. In his room alone, he contemplates joining forces with Jae-kyung and working with them.

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Later, Shin-yu meets Hong-jo at City Hall. He asks her if she opened the box. Hong-jo admits she didn’t open the box; it opened on its own, and she found a book inside. She tells him about the book’s content, and it seems that Shin-yu is beginning to trust the book. Jae-kyung arrives and confirms that Shin-yu will work as the new legal advisor. Shin-yu starts working in his office but continues to think about what Hong-jo said in the morning. He starts researching Aeng-cho, the writer of the book “Spells of the Heavens,” and discovers that Aeng-cho was a female shaman.

The person responsible for Aeng-cho’s death was Jang Mu-jin. He meets with Hong-jo and expresses his desire to see the book. Hong-jo doesn’t grant him permission to enter her house. At that moment, she encounters a group of drunk people on the road, and Shin-yu steps in to save her. This moment makes Shin-yu realize that Hong-jo is living her life alone without parents. Later, she invites him into her house.

She jokingly talks about seeing the book, but Shin-yu takes it seriously. He starts believing in the book. He finds the chapter on the “Cure Disease Spell,” which can heal ailments. Since Shin-yu is struggling with an incurable disease, he’s interested in this spell.

The next day, Hong-jo meets a girl who was her high school classmate. This girl is the mayor’s daughter, but Hong-jo seems to dislike her. The girl talks about the past, when Hong-jo transferred to her school. Hong-jo’s father was a driver, and she was bullied because she lived in a semi-basement. The girls eventually became friends with her, and she fell in love with a senior. However, she broke off her friendship with Hong-jo. This is why Hong-jo is still angry at her.

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On another front, news comes in that Park Ju-Won has cheated and been arrested, causing Ms. Ma to go on leave. Ma Eun-Yeong, the chief of the division where Hong-jo works, is also on vacation. It becomes clear that Hong-jo struggles to make friends, but talking to Shin-yu has inspired her. Hong-jo persuades her colleagues to have dinner together. Jae-kyung arrives with Shin-yu. Jae-kyung introduces Shin-yu as their new legal advisor. After dinner, Hong-jo meets with Jae-kyung, who invites her over.

He gives her a new dress and accidentally reveals his feelings for her. Jae-Kyung clarifies that he likes her as a person and values her work, but that’s the extent of his feelings. He leaves, and at that moment, Shin-yu arrives. He discusses how Hong-jo falls in love easily, but he doesn’t fully comprehend her feelings.

Angry, Hong-jo leaves the scene and waits at a bus stop, upset about being alone. Meanwhile, Shin-yu contemplates what Hong-jo said about her tendency to fall in love with those who show her kindness. He starts understanding her feelings and receives news from his colleague. Photos of Hong-jo and Shin-yu’s conversation have been posted on social media, causing a viral sensation. People are mocking her, and her boss advises her to take a few days off.

Back home, Hong-jo receives a package that seems to be from her landlady, who is on vacation at a farm. The landlady sends organic food and goat milk. Seeing the goat milk reminds Hong-jo of the “Love Spell,” a spell to win someone’s affection. The spell requires goat milk, which she now has. The instructions state that before casting the spell, one must cleanse the mind and body with a bath.

The spell should be done quietly at night when the moon is high. Goat milk, honey, powdered poria mushrooms, dodder seeds, and a red rosebud are combined in a brassware container. Then the love spell page is torn, burned, and added to the mixture. Once the mixture is prepared, it must be given to the desired person. If they consume it, they will belong to the caster.

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While she performs the ritual, Shin-yu’s illness worsens. He experiences dizziness and the sensation of a bloody hand while driving. This leads to an accident at the end of the episode. Will he survive? Is the spell real or a myth? The answers await in the upcoming episodes.



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