Mirzapur Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: The much-awaited Mirzapur is back with another season. Here we are with the recap and ending explanation of the show and here recap and ending explanation of episode 1.

Season 3 of the show starts with the final cremation of Munna Tripathi. The final cremation was done by Madhuri Yadav and She tries to gain sympathy by giving a media bite. Akhanda Nand Tripathi is still missing as he was not there at the final cremation of Munna. Madhuri says that the ‘Power Of Mirzapur’ is the main reason behind all these killings and she will destroy it.

On the other hand (Ramakant Pandit) surrenders himself for Killing SSP Maurya. The advocate demands the death Punishment for Ramakant in court and in his defence Ramakant has nothing to say. Ramakant was sent to judicial custody and when was going to Jail Guddu Pandit met him in the Police van and asked him to go along with him but Ramakant Refused.

Sharad Shukla meets Madhuri Yadav and asks her for support and he assures her that he is with her. Sarad also asks about Kaleen Bhaiya from Madhuri but she says that she has no idea about him and he is still Missing.

The story now moves to Aazamgarh where we get to see that Golu is looking to do business there to. There she meets local gangster Uma Dutt and she tells him that from now on Guddu Pandit will handle Purvanchal. Uma Dutta kills Golu’s informer and asks her to leave.

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Guddu goes home and asks her mother and sister to live together alone with him but her mother denies it. Madhuri Yadav gives a free hand to the Police to Kill Guddu and the Police officer assures that work will be done. Golu and Beena Tripathi think that someone from the inside has the body of Kaleen Bhaiya. To get the crown of Poorvanchal Guddu needs votes of Bahubali of Poorvanchal.

Guddu sends a message to all the Bahubali’s to support him else they will be considered as his enemies. Bahubali doesn’t agree to support Guddu and then the story shifts to Meerut where we get to see that Sarad Shukla is there to meet Munnawar Miya to get support and Munnawar agrees to support him if Sarad Shukla has the capabilities to get control over Mirzapur.

Golu advices Guddu to attend the meeting but Guddu says that he will not attend the meeting after a few discussions he agrees to attend the meeting The story now shifts to Prayagraj where we get to see that everyone has assembled there to elect a new King of Poorvanchal. The meeting started and Guddu missed in meeting and there Sharad proposed that Poorvanchal should be managed from Jaunpur now.

Guddu suddenly entered the meeting and proposed his name. Munawar Miya says that they have time till Dussehra and they have to prove their ability to run Poorvanchal. Golu Gupta immediately realises that Sharad has Kept Kaleen Bhaita at some hideout and in the next frame we get to see that Kaleen Bhaiya is in Bihar and is being treated by a team of doctors and the episode ends here.

Episode 1 of the show is decent and now it is almost clear that the story has shifted from Mirzapur to Poorvanchal. Now everyone is fighting to get the crown of Poorvanchal. I hope that the show has much more to offer in the upcoming episodes.

The Show Is Now Streaming On Prime Video.



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