Dexter Mayhew In 'One Day' : Actor Name - Character Explained

Dexter Mayhew In ‘One Day’ : Actor Name – Character Explained

Dexter Mayhew In ‘One Day’: “One Day” is a limited Netflix original romantic drama series with fourteen episodes with an average of 25 minutes runtime. The story revolves around a passionate girl Emma and a playboy Dexter. Both of them are different in their goals and characters.

They start their friendship then leads to more than that, but on the way, they face many crucial fights and misunderstandings.

Dexter is from a rich family with very handsome looks played by an English actor Leo Vincent Woodall. Leo Woodall is famous for his role in the second season of “The White Lotus” an HBO original. He got an appreciation for his work in that series. For “One Day” they needed a pleasant handsome face and needed to show the rich and also the sober side of the guy, for that Leo Woodwall was their best choice. He excelled with his screen presence and charm.

We see a very happy playboy side of him in the series at the same time we see a sober, life-lost, desperate man side of him throughout the series. Leo Woodall’s natural acting did work out really well in the series.

Dexter is born in a rich family, his parents care about him very much even if he is a grown man. His mother always looks for him. She plans things for him most time. Dexter is a playboy, he doesn’t care about relationships or affections. He hooks up with girls most time. He worked as a teacher for some time, that time he used to have sex with his students who were above eighteen age.

Dexter is a drug and alcohol addict. His daily routine is bars and pubs. He doesn’t care about the future or the present as his parents are rich he likes to travel and enjoy only.

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Dexter looks down on people who are not his standards. He provoked and harassed and looked down on Emma many times. He doesn’t like getting advised by someone. He was a mother boy, his mother waited for him to eat food at restaurants. Apart from pubs and things Dexter never explored much of his place. In the first episode.

it shows he didn’t even go to Arthur Seat Mountain even though he lives there, Emma gets him there. Dexter used to change girlfriends most of the time. At some point he starts his media journey. He acted in television and films, he got famous very fast with his looks and charms. But he got much hatred from the audience because of his behavior and the truth that he was from a rich family.

Dexter’s mother got sick, and after that, he became a soberer. He became a full-time drug and alcohol addict. He was unable to control his habit of drinking. He was very lazy at work and drank while working. When he went to meet his mother while she was ill, he was drunk and very late. His father was very angry and told him not to come home like this anymore, he cried in sadness that day.

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He likes his parents but he couldn’t understand the reality like others. He sometimes talks very rudely to Emma about her working as a teacher and not doing what she said she would become. But even if he says those things he still apologizes for what he did. Dexter’s character is very well presented in a way that the viewers can connect to their lives too. As Dexter, Leo Woodwill did a great job overall.

That’s all about the character of Dexter Mayhew. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.


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