The blockbuster series Kota Factory is back with a bang again. Season 2 of the show was not that huge but after the demand of Fans, season 3 of the show is now streaming on Netflix in Hindi and other dubbed versions with subtitles. The show is created by legendary TVF and here goes a recap of episode 2 of the show.

Episode 2 starts with a sequence where we get to see that Meena is having financial issues and he is not able to afford food and his rent. Vaibhav and Uday try to help Meena financially but Meena rejects their Offer. Meena’s family is going through a tough phase and that’s why he is having financial issues. Uday helps him to get rid of it by helping Meena to get a Home tuition.

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Meena starts teaching 2 kids and in all between these his studies get affected, He starts bunking classes to teach that Kid and very soon his marks go down drastically. Jeetu Bhaiya feels that something is wrong with him and he asks Meena to Meet him in the cabin.

Jeetu schools Meena due to his irresponsible behaviour and Meena soon realised that too. Jeetu Bhaiya helps Meena financially and Meena gets back on track again.  A math teacher from AIMERS, Gagan Sir advised Jeetu that they need to focus extra on brilliant students so that they can rank better in upcoming exams and that will help them in increasing the number of admissions in the Institute.

Jeetu Bhaiya gets involved in an argument with Math teacher Gagan sir of his institute and he again gets an appointment with a therapist as he thinks that he is losing his cool.

Episode 2 overall was a perfect balance of life lessons and it was very much related to the real life reality too. Jeetu Bhaiya explains the importance of that 2 hours pretty well to Meena. Meena also learns a lesson that there is a fine line between getting help and self-respect.

This was all from Episode 2, Drop your thoughts about the show and season 3 in the comments.



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