“One Day” Episode 11 Recap: Netflix released fourteen episodic romantic dramas that tell the relationship and the conflicts that happen between Emma and Dexter. Emma is a girl who has the ambition to change something in society, Dexter is a guy from a rich family and tries to prove his efficiency to others.

As they both meet and start a friendship or something beyond that small conflicts happen and make them to break and reunion later is what the story tells.

The day starts in 15th July 1998 at Richmond. We see Dexter working in a restaurant. He accepted Callum’s job offer and started working at Callum’s sandwich shop by leaving his television job. Dexter looks settled to the job even though his aim is not this job. Emma comes to meet Dexter at the shop, they have a chat with each other. Emma is working on marketing her book. Callum comes to the shop and takes Dexter to work. Callum still mocks at Dexter for nothing. Dexter finishes his work and go home.

Dexter is now a husband and father. Dexter picks up his kid named Jasmine and tries to stop the kid from crying. Dexter calls his kid Jazzie, which Sylvie doesn’t like it calling. Sylvie warns him to call Jasmine, not Jazzie. Sylvie is not happy with her life with Dexter, so many struggling and not the luxury she thought it would be. She is irritated by the house dust and things.

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She had a party that night, and she got readied for it. She left the home by giving the baby to Dexter’s care. Dexter takes his wine and has a small sip, at the same time he takes care of the baby.

Dexter puts the baby to sleep and calls Emma for a chat. Emma is at Tilly’s home partying with them. Tilly also has a kid now, and Emma is bored sitting in there. Emma says she can’t come now. Dexter hears the baby crying, he goto the room and plays a song. Baby stops crying, and Sylvie calls Dexter.

Dexter says he is taking care of the baby very well. He promises that he will be a good husband and father. Also, he says he will finish the home soon so that the baby won’t wake up by the dust again. But Sylvie does not accept it, also she lies to him about the party. She was with Callum in his room. Callum says he gave the job as she asked, and what else he can do than this?

This episode is also a good watchable one, where we see a mature side of Dexter. Also, we see a time passing in this episode as Dexter has a baby now and Emma is doing good at her writing. Also, we see Sylvie cheating on Dexter.



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