ERIC Series Review: Netflix presents another mystery psychological thriller mini-series in six episodes “Eric”, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and created by Abi Morgan. The series tells the story of Vincent who is a puppeteer whose son Edgar went missing while going to school a day.

Another kid also went missing and was not found like this before. Michael Ledroit who works at the police missing persons department starts investigating both missing cases and unveils the mystery in it. Will those kids come back and what happens to Vincent is the story of this mini-series.

The series happens in the 1980s time in New York. The creator used this time period to make the story more convincing to the audience. At that time the technology was not that good. No smartphones or better CCTV-finding technologies. So if the content is happening at this time then the kid will be found in a day. The creator tried to show the details of that period.

From the dress to the setting and technologies, the creator checked everything to make it match that period. The production design team did an excellent job on it. The series has that gloomy mood all over the episodes. They used dark-toned filters in visuals to show the stressful and racist society.

This is a mini-series so there are only 6 episodes with about 54 minutes per episode. The series is a Netflix original and they gave a great budget for this one as we have the best main lead cast Benedict Cumberbatch. Benedict Cumberbatch leads the series. His acting is too good in this series. Casting Benedict Cumberbatch was a great choice by the creators. The other casts were also good. This series is a mixed genre of psychological thriller and investigation and some relationship dramas. Also, this series deals with many discriminations in society at those times.

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Just like other Netflix series this also used unwanted gay relationships many times. Those scenes were unnecessary, but it’s like an agenda by Netflix to include that kind of scenes. The plot is very very thin. The creator used a very small story and stretched this much longer. There are many dull scenes throughout the series. There were no interesting scenes that can remembered later. The series is just a plain story with some investigation scenes and some relationship moments. There were no high moments. Many scenes were lagging.

The music was good throughout the series. Also, the visual effects team did a great job showing the Eric doll scenes. We don’t know if they used CG or puppet dressed and played by real people but if it were vfx then it was a great job. There are many unfinished stories in the series.

The creator didn’t show what happened to some people or didn’t show what really happened to the kids in an explanation view. Only a bit by bit of the details were revealed in the series. The series doesn’t have that father-son character depth to make the audience connect that emotion. The creator failed to establish a bond between father and son.

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Overall this series was an average experience for me. Nothing new to tell or what it’s telling is not that interesting or promising. Many illogical scenes and unfinished moments. Unwanted usage of gay relationships to the main leads. There is nothing that makes a viewer wait for the next episode or want another episode. The creator failed to utilise the legendary actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

I rate 1.5 out of 5 for this mini-series “Eric”.



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