Dr. Sleech In ‘The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy’: Amazon prime presents an eight episodic sci-fic animated series which is an addition to shows like Rick and Morty. The series shows an hospital in an alien world where Dr. Sleech and Dr. Klak try to experiment and cure patients. Each episode shows their process of saving their patients and making new cures.

The voice over for Dr. Sleech is given by an american actress Stephanie Hsu. She is well known for best performance in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ and ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’. She has hreat voice that we feel more attached the Dr. Sleech. Stephanie Hsu has excellent acting skills and also she has very good dubbing skills too.

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She gave voice over for Dr. Sleech in a way that the audience can understand that character really well. She has that pleasant cool vocal that suited the character really well. And also her accent is too good that matched Dr. Sleech’s attitude.

Dr. Sleech is a genius doctor in the hospital. She looks very beautiful and charming. She does excellent job but sometimes she doesn’t follow the protocols. Her intentions will be good that is to save patient or find a cure but the method or the ways she use to achieve it may break the rules and protocols.

Dr. Sleech’s best friend is Dr. Klak. Whenever Dr. Sleech is there, there will be Dr. Klak in most of the operations or any other things. Sleech looks very young and she dated many guys including Dr. Plowp, Matt and also she dated Dr. Klak’s brother Flim before then brokeup with him. There are romantic scenes between Dr. Sleech and Matt in the series.

Dr. Klak has Anxiety issues, so Dr. Sleech took care of her very well. She consoles Dr. Klak most times on her anxiety issues. Dr. Sleech also worked with Dr. Klak to find the cure for Dr. Klak’s anxiety issues. When Dr. Klak injected the worm on to her, Dr. Sleech went to Azel to stop Dr. Klak. Sleech goes for any extent for Dr. Klak and for patients also.

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Dr. Sleech became chief of surgeon and showed her best to cure the patients. Even she accepted fault is in her when one patient died. She is also kind hearted but don’t show much outside.

That’s all about the character of Dr. Sleech. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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