Mirzapur Season 3 Review: After a gap of more than 1 year, the Amazon Prime Video original series ‘Mirzapur’ is back with another season. Mirzapur season 3 is now streaming with 10 episodes on Amazon Prime Video, and here we are going to tell you about the story, performances, and the review of the show.

The series is around 8 hours long, each episode is 45-50 minutes long, and is not suitable to watch with family and kids. There is a lot of brutality in the show, making it unsuitable for children.

Season 3 begins where Season 2 ended. Kaleen Bhaiya was rescued by Sharad, and no one knows about him or his location. Madhuri Yadav is now the CM of the state, and she has promised the people to keep the state safe from mafia and gangsters. She has given the police a free hand to eliminate the gangsters. On the other hand, the fight for Mirzapur is now the fight for Poorvanchal. Sharad is playing his games to get the power back in his hands. Guddu is also trying to get the crown of Poorvanchal with his brutality. Who will be the ultimate winner, Guddu or Sharad, and what role will Kaleen Bhaiya play in it? To know this, you need to watch the full series on Prime Video.

I don’t know why, but from the beginning of the show, I had this feeling that the series was going to disappoint, and the same happened. The whole of season 3 misses the plot, and the writing of the show is slow and dull. It looks like the makers were just stretching the episodes, and at the end, they just hinted at another season.

Season 3 starts with a promising story but ends with nothing. There was no conclusion to season 3 even after watching it for 8 hours. The story keeps shifting from Bihar to UP, from one region to another, and gives us nothing in the end. There are some unnecessary twists and turns, which make the series a badly written show.

I was shocked to see the screentime of Pankaj Tripathi. He is missing in the whole season. Kaleen Bhaiya was the soul of this show, and I am confused about whose story this is and how they just removed Kaleen Bhaiya from the whole show.

Pankaj is seen as a cameo in season 3, and that’s another reason why the show fails to deliver. Ali Fazal lacks that charm from season 1 and season 2, and he looks repetitive and sometimes dull too. The fear factor and aura were missing from his character. Shweta Tripathi shines in the show, and she tries to put some thrill and fun, but due to lazy writing, she can’t do much.

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Isha Talwar looks good in her role, and the same goes for Rajesh Tailang. Neha Sargam as Saloni looks pretty, and she has done a good job. Anjum Sharma looks brilliant as Sharad Shukla, and he is a promising face in season 3. Vijay Varma and Rasika Dugal were good enough to watch.

I am giving 2.5 out of 5 stars for the show. Season 3 is the weakest season of Mirzapur to date, and I will suggest you skip this season because you are going to lose nothing by not watching it. The show is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video with 10 episodes.



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