“Ishura” Episode 10 Release Date: “Ishura” is a twelve-episodic dark anime series based on the best-selling manga of the same Name. The anime adaptation is currently streaming now in Disney Plus Hotstar with only Nine Episodes, while the rest will come weekly.

In this article we are gonna discuss when the next episode of the anime will be released, Before we start our discussion let’s know about the Story of this series. This is a story after the True Demon king died, an era where the heroes from different of world comes to prove their power.

So currently we are on the edge of war. Mage City is currently fighting with Lithia. We know that Lithia have a really powerful army but still Mage is capable of giving a powerful fight. We finally saw Soujirou & his power. His Sword is so powerful that can smash a bullet too. Standing in front of the Lithia he challenged the guards hovering there. They all started firing at him & he just smashed them all.

Helping Soujirou Nihilo also joined him. Nihilo is a female who controls a gigantic spider from inside it. She has an immersive long-range power ability. She killed down those girls in just a flash. She also killed the Wyverns from the ground. Soujirou was impressed by watching Her power. So, he challenged her. Nihilo said she is on his side but still Soujirou wanted to fight with her. But Nihilo understood that it’s not easy to tackle him so she left as soon as possible. She understood the huge capability of Soujirou’s swords can destroy a small portion of her spider body.

In the second half, we see a fight between Alus & Regnejee. Regnejee used his brain & tactics to defeat Alus. He almost did it but Alus is also clever enough. He busted the tower with fire which harm Regnejee so fall down. That’s how Alus won after a long fight.

Though, Lithia has lots of power still it looks like they are on the way to defeat. We still haven’t seen the power of Dakai & Taren either. Let’s see what gonna happen next.

To know this we have to wait untill the next episode is released. So, the next episode of ” Ishura” will be released on next Wednesday.

The tenth episode of ” Ishura ” will be released on 6th March. Till then you can watch the rest episodes currently streaming now in Disney+Hotstar in Japanese language along with subtitles.



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