‘One Day’ Episode 3 Recap: Netflix presents “One Day” a romantic drama about Dexter and Emma who are different in their character and lifestyle. The series consists of fourteen episodes with each episode is a day of a year of their life. In fourteen episodes we see one day from each year of their life.

Episode 3 opens in the 15th of July 1990, Emma is in her old room with Tilly in London. She is enjoying her stay there. Emma is analysing society and still writing it down. We see Dexter doing a video shoot in a street with his co-workers. Emma works at a restaurant as a waitress. She is the longest worker in that restaurant, she teaches a new joiner about his work.

When the restaurant opened Dexter was there waiting for food. He saw Emma and hug her. He is very excited to see her, but Emma is shy doing work in front of him. Dexter introduces Naomi. Emma asks why is he here, he says they came to shoot a film nearby.

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Dexter orders food for three which includes Emma, but as she is working she can’t eat. So Dexter cancelled the order and said he would pay the bill. As he go he goes to Emma and gives her a tip. She gets embarrassed with the behaviour of Dexter. She gets dressed after the shift, the newbie comes and invites her for dinner. But she refuses as she has plans to meet Dexter. Emma goes to meet Dexter and scolds him for his behaviour at the restaurant and gives back the tip money.

Dexter asks Emma why she going to restaurant jobs and not doing anything better. Emma gets offended for Dexter asking it. She tells people also do these jobs not everyone can work at media. They start arguing about their work and future.

Emma says she is planning to go back to her home north. Dexter clarifies that she is great to him and to others too. And motivates her not go home and start getting better. Finally it’s time for her, she was leaving to room. Dexter asks if he can come there, but she declines it. She leaves there hugging him.

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