Shogun Ending Explained: FX originally presented a ten-episodic American historical action war drama series ” Shogun” is currently streaming now On Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar. In this article, we are going to discuss about the recap of the Ninth episode. But before we start began let’s know about the story of this series. The series is an adaptation of a best-selling novel ” Shogun” written by James Clavell in 1975. The series shows Japan in the era of 1600 when the Civil War emerged.

Lord Toranaga trying to fight against the Council of Regents who want to defeat him. Last time we saw, Yabushige, Blackthorne & Mariko reached in Osaka. But, the secret assassins attack their house. Where Mariko lost her life. Let’s see what will happen next. So, Ready for the showdown? Let’s start. When Mariko understood that all attack was to kill her, she sacrificed her life.

We see Nigel & his brother watching the swords & armour of Old Blackthorne. Blackthorne become Grandfather after that horrible incident happened in Japan. He is in a very bad situation & holding that same cross necklace of Mariko. Now, let’s get back to where we left off.

After Mariko sacrificed herself in the bombing everyone fainted. It’s Yabushige who helps Blackthorne to wake up. After waking up, Blackthorne tried to wake up Mariko but understood that she already died. Yabushige asked God to “Forgive Him ” after what he did.

We see Toranaga in a forest enjoying a pleasant life with his bird. On the other side, Ishido is talking with his Reagent members. They were unhappy after the incident happened last night. Ohno Harunobu said they must allowed to Leave Mariko without that incident. Toranaga’s brother handed over a notice that his brother had fled to Edo to prepare himself for war. Ishido isn’t interested in this he wants to punish Toranaga. Ohno also demanded that they bury Mariko’s body as a Christian process but Ishido declined that. All he said is Mariko is a bloodline of Akechi Jinsai, who murdered Lady Ochiba’s father.

Why Ochiba hates Lord Toranaga? Shogun Explained
Why Ochiba hates Lord Toranaga? Shogun Explained

But, in this situation, Ochiba ordered that they must honour Mariko. Ishido agreed that & after this, they will go to war. After that, Kiyama asks “What will be done about The heretic?”. Ishido said, that after the war it didn’t interest him to eat what happened with Toranaga. Right then, they experienced a short quake. Then, they are ready for the war.

Ishido met with Yabushige. What Yabushige said, he thought that Lady Mariko would only be captured but what what happened was beyond expectations. Ishido said, ” She resisted & she died “. Moreover, Ishido also said, a seat of the council also be secured for Yabushige.

Yabushige literally lost his mind he replied “When the Taiko was about to go to war with Toranaga, he had all the votes untill that earthquake Hit”. It’s kinda bad omen for them because after that Taiko was forced to forge a peace. Ishido fears whatever Yabushige saying & so he orders him to return to Izo.

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Later, we see Blackthorne come out from the Trauma of losing Mariko. He heard that Lady Mariko was already buried. He Has that cross necklace of Mariko with him. Later Blackthorne got the pass to leave Osaka. Father Alvito took Blackthorne with him. He said all families had been released from Osaka now. He also added that Ishido had mobilized the council of Regents to war & The lady Ochiba pledged her son’s support. When Alvito thinks that Toranaga will be dead soon, Blackthorne replies that he might not know him closely.

As the hostages are free now as Toranaga wished it will be easy for him to attack. Before Blackthorne left, Alvito said it was Mariko, who asked God to spare Blackthorne’s life. That’s how Alvito kept his word & he forbade him. Blackthorne is unable to stop his tears as he is unable to forget Mariko. Ochiba finished the incomplete poem of Mariko. In her heart, she still has some place of her dearest friend.

Blackthorne & Yabushige returned to Izu. Blackthorne also realises that Yabushige completely lost his mind. After reaching there, Blackthorne saw his ship was completely destroyed; ” The Erasmus”. After reaching in Izu, Omi’s people captured Yabushige. Omi was instructed to capture him, this is a order by Lord Toranaga.

What is Crimson Sky & How Mariko did it?

They also took swords of Him. Muraji said to Blackthorne that some Christians destroyed Blackthorne’s ship. Lord Toranaga knows that Mariko died infact he also knows that it was Yabushige who let the intruders to come into their house. Toranaga ordered Yabushige to commin Seppuku. Toranaga also took Izo from Yabushige.

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Fuji met with Blackthorne. At this time, Blackthorne missing his translator. She is leaving tomorrow to become a Nun. So, on this last night she enjoyed dinner with Blackthorne. Blackthorne ordered Fuji to stay in Izo as his Consort. Fuji said she was no longer a consort & her duty to lord Toranaga is now complete.

Toranga is happy after meeting his new baby son. The hostiles are his young wife Kiri & Shizu. Shizu handed over a secret letter to him which was written by Lady Ochiba. The letter contains an unfinished poem of Ochiba & Mariko. The next day, Blackthorne is ready to meet with Lord Toranaga. On his way, he met with Omi who took his gun & sword and then brought him to Lord Toranaga.

First Toranaga said sorry to Blackthorne about his ship. Now, Muraji taking charge of finding who destroyed Blackthorne’s ship. Meanwhile, he said he is a Christian & honestly translating the words of Blackthorne. Blackthorne thinks that it was Mariko who destroyed His ship as she hated his war with the Christians in Japan. She also ordered the destruction of his ship in exchange for his life.

Blackthorne doesn’t want to search those traitors who destroyed his ship but Toranga wants to do it. Basically, the Ship was destroyed by Lord Toranaga himself because he wants Blackthorne to stay in this Country for a long time. As Blackthorne wished to death by not giving punishment to the traitors, Toranaga again refused his words. When Blackthorne tried to commit Seppuku by taking his life, Toranaga stopped him & ordered him to rebuild his ship.

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Yabushige wants a good husband for his wife. Meantime, Omi is his new heir. As Yabushige had no son he loved Omi, so he handed over a ” Death Poem ” to Omi, which was written by Yabushige. Yabushige is thankful for Anjin & his nephew Omi. At this time, Toranaga confessed that he destroyed Blackthorne’s ship. When Blackthorne will know that truth he may have already made that ship. Maybe Blackthorne has no fate to leave Japan. That’s it.

About “Crimson Sky”, Toranaga said that after his Brother Nobutatsu joined the reagent, the council United. In this time, it would be foolish to go there & attack them, so he chose a woman to do what an army never could. What he sees is they will meet their enemies at Sekigahara in one month. With the Heir’s army on Ishido’s side, Toranaga will probably die. But after Mariko’s work, Lady Ochiba had grown tired of her alliance with Ishido.

In that secret letter, she also mentioned keeping the heir’s army from the battlefield. That day, Ishido will have no banner on his side. So, the regents will turn on him before a sword is drawn. Only then, his dream will be fulfilled. He started from Edo, the centre of power, a nation without any wars. Later the chapter of Yabushige ended. He died for his conspiracy mindsets & greed.

Later Blackthorne enjoyed boating with Fuji in the sea. They poured the ashes of Mariko into the sea. Fuji also did the same with her husband & son’s ashes. Blackthorne also throws the cross necklace of Mariko. That’s how Blackthorne forbids his unfinished love story. The ending is so soulful as we see, Buntaro help Blackthorne to pull up his boat ” Erasmus” The fate of their life is on Ajiro.

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The series ended with a saddened goodbye to Mariko. The lady who did ” Crimson Sky” is more powerful than any army. The series shows the importance of women. It perfectly portrays Japanese culture & tradition along with an English man’s live in the country. Toranaga stayed in Ajiyo to live the rest of his life.

Finally, the perfect finish of ” Shogun “. Mariko’s tragic death makes it a proper ending. Where Blackthorne’s fate is in this Country. All ten episodes of ” Shogun ” are currently streaming now in Hulu & Disney+ Hotstar in English language along with subtitles.



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