‘One Day’ Episode 1: Netflix presents yet another romantic comedy fourteen episodic limited series which tells the love between Dexter and Emma two teenagers. Emma is a girl with ambitions, Dexter is a guy who enjoys life with his rich family and doesn’t care about the future, these two people start their love journey in this series.

The series starts with a part dance party happening in the 15th of July 1988 in Edinburgh. Too many teenagers at the party drinking and dancing. Among the people, we see Emma a beautiful girl drinking with her friends and while people dance she notices Dexter a young beautiful guy.

They both share eye contact. Emma with her friends drinking at a corner. All of a sudden a guy fall on Emma’s feet drunken. Dexter comes and introduces himself, and takes away his friend. Dexter asks to join for drinking to Emma. She accepts and goes with him. They drink, dance, and walk throughout the party. They share their names and whereabouts while drinking. They are almost drunk and go for a walk. As Emma reaches her home, she tells him this is her house.

They start to romance in the room but Emma keeps asking about the future plans of Dexter. Dexter says he will travel to many places, but Emma needs future plans as settling for job or work. Dexter says he doesn’t care about that as he is from a rich family.

Emma goes to the washroom and her friend is there. She is motivating Emma to have sex with him. Emma puts up their dress again and go to the room. Dexter is trying to seduce but Emma is not giving a chance and she keeps talking things. She avoids the sexual tension and says talking is better.

Dexter wakes up before Emma, as he tries to dress up and go, Emma wakes up. He says he was going to write a note as she was sleeping but he couldn’t get a pen. Emma’s friend tells that the breakfast is ready. Dexter stays and eats their breakfast with them. Dexter was getting calls from his mother as he had to travel somewhere today. But he asks for delaying it and asks Emma out.

Emma takes him to Arthur’s seat mountain as he never been there till now. Emma is very active and she is going up very fast, but he doesn’t have that much stamina. They two camp at the top and he asks her for a date. As they walk on the street they meet Dexter’s parents.

They introduce each other. As they go Dexter comes running towards Emma and gives his number and says he will come back from France and they can meet and enjoy with his parents.



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