Dr. Klak In ‘The Second Best Hospital In The Galaxy’: Amazon prime presents ‘The Second Best Hospital in The Galaxy’ an eight episodic sci-fic animation series with a runtime of almost 25minutes each. The story revolves around Dr. Klak and Dr. Sleech two highly skilled doctors in a hospital who are trying to invent new things that will help health of the society.

Dr. Klak’s voice is given by Keke Palmer who is an American singer, actress and also she is a television host. Her story was true inspiration for others as she went through many hurdles when the male singers dominated music industry. She did her best to achieve what she is now. She also acted as child artist in Akeelah and the Bee (2006).

She also did many other series and films which made her popularity higher with her acting in Scream Queens and Epix’s Berlin Station and many more. For the character Dr. Klak a very gentle and well educated manner type accent was needed and Keke was the best choice made by creators.

Dr. Klak is very intelligent doctor in the hospital, she is very polite and follows protocols very well. Every other doctors or patients admire her for her working skills and kindness. Many patients who come to hospital prefers or requests for Dr. Klak to check on them. People trusts her way of helping others cure the disease. Dr. Klak has an anxiety disease, which she couldn’t fix it.

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Her mother tried many ways to fix it, later Dr. Klak tried her own ways to cure it. But all got failed. When Dr. Klak was young her mother used to experiment on her brain many times. Her mother wrote books about Dr. Klaks brain, and most of the patients get to know about Dr. Klak from these books.

In episode 1 Dr. Klak uses her anxiety to pump out an anxiety eating worm from a patient, she instantly says ok to the patient without any hesitation to save the patient. She connected her brain though tube to the patient and tried to suck out the worm with her anxiety. The worm came out and they stored it in a lab. In episode 7 Dr. Klak takes the anxiety eating worm and injected into her brain so that she can cure the anxiety. But that went too bad, and she started to act weird.

She made clones of her to help her in the process. But with the help of Dr. Azel and Dr. Sleech they took out the worm out of her. Dr. Klak had a crush on Dr. Azel, they liked each other. Dr. Klak has a brother Flim who works at Galactical Health Unit. Dr. Klak was the main lead in the entire series eventhough Dr. Sleech shared equal screen space. He chamrness is there throught the series in an intelligent and funny way.

That’s all about the character of Dr. Klak. If you have any questions regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.



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