Queen Of Tears Ending Explained: Netflix presents “Queen of Tears” a sixteen episodic Korean romantic drama from the creator of the popular drama “Crash Landing on You”. The story revolves around Hong Hae In and Baek Hyun Woo they have been married to each other for some time.

But since Hong Hae In is from a rich family the relationship between Hong Hae In and Baek Hyun Woo was not going well. Baek Hyun Woo married Hong Hae In without knowing she was from a rich family. The doctor tells Hong Hae In that she won’t live more than 3 months as she has Cloud Cytoma disease. Baek Hyun Woo who got to know about her illness starts loving Hong Hae In again.

The final episode started with Hong Hae In waking up at Yoon Eun Seong’s place. In the last episode, she was kidnapped and Baek Hyun Woo got hit by a car. Hong Hae In doesn’t know where she is now. She saw a man coming into the room, she hit him and ran to the hall. Yoon Eun Seong was there seeing Hong Hae In running. Hong Hae In asked why she got kidnapped by him.

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Yoon Eun Seong questioned why she went to meet Baek Hyun Woo. Hong Hae In said she knows Baek Hyun Woo is a bad person and she went to give the diary. To escape from Yoon Eun Seong, Hong Hae In said the words in the diary were fake, it might be a copy of her handwriting.

Cut to Baek Hyun Woo, he got admitted to the hospital. Baek Hyun Woo’s parents came to meet him crying all the way but he was not there in the ward. Baek Hyun Woo left the hospital to his friend to look for Hong Hae In. Baek Hyun Woo is heavily wounded and is unable to walk steadily. Yoon Eun Seong told Hong Hae In to get ready to leave for America with him so that they can marry there. Hong Hae In said okay with fear.

Baek Hyun Woo told the matchmaker lady to tell Yoon Eun Seong’s mother about the kidnapping of Hong Hae In. Yoon Eun Seong’s mother went to the vault where money was stored. Apparently, money was not there, so Yoon Eun Seong took them and converted them to dollars. She went to meet Yoon Eun Seong. Baek Hyun Woo and his friend followed their car and reached Yoon Eun Seong’s place where Hong Hae In is now. The climate is very bad with snowing.

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Baek Hyun Woo went to the house and took the key from the homekeeper guy. Yoon Eun Seong and his mother had a quarrel with each other. Yoon Eun Seong blackmailed her telling he would use the video of her to make the chairman paralysed against her. Also, Yoon Eun Seong reveals the past of her setting up a guy to kill Hong Hae In’s brother when they were children.

Apparently, Hong Hae In was hearing what they were talking about. Suddenly when Yoon Eun Seong tried to catch her, Baek Hyun Woo came there and ran with Hong Hae In. Yoon Eun Seong saw it and followed behind them with a rifle gun.

They met each other and finally, Yoon Eun Seong pointed a gun at Hong Hae In. Suddenly the police surrounded Yoon Eun Seong with guns pointed at him. Yoon Eun Seong triggered the gun against Hong Hae In, but Baek Hyun Woo jumped covering Hong Hae In and got hit by the bullet. Police fired bullets at Yoon Eun Seong and killed him.

Baek Hyun Woo was admitted to the hospital with a bullet wound. The whole family came to see her. Hong Hae In was terrified and sad. Baek Hyun Woo’s surgery went well, he woke up and saw Hong Hae In. They became happy again. Family met Baek Hyun Woo.

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Yoon Eun Seong’s mother started buying Queen’s shares illegally. Baek Hyun Woo set up evidence for her illegal dealings and they did a complaint against her. The court started hearing and everyone gave their statement against her including Hong Soo Cheol’s wife. Also, Baek Hyun Woo gave the video footage of Yoon Eun Seong’s mother making the chairman paralysed with drugs. They took the video from Yoon Eun Seong’s tablet.

The court ordered for her arrest and she went to jail. Also, Hong Soo Cheol’s wife and matchmaker lady went to jail for a short time sentence for being part of this. Baek Hyun Woo proposed Hong Hae In and they got back together. Everyone got better in the coming days. Years passed Baek Hyun Woo and Hong Hae In gave birth to a kid. They became a happy family.

At the end of the series, many years passed and aged Baek Hyun Woo went to Hong Hae In’s grave. An old flashback of her wish for what needed to be done after her death was shown. Overall the series ended as a happy ending.

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