Netflix is widely known for its content, especially in the revenge thriller genre. Whether it’s an Indian movie or a foreign film, Netflix’s content is truly unmatched. In the same genre of revenge thrillers, Netflix is bringing one more movie titled, which will be available for streaming on Netflix on October 6, 2023.

To cater to the Indian market, Netflix is also releasing this movie in Hindi, alongside its original Korean language version.

“Ballerina” is an upcoming South Korean crime revenge thriller drama movie that will depict the life story of Ok Ju, the leading character, who starts planning to take revenge for her most precious friend.

The teaser of the film recently dropped on Netflix’s official YouTube channels and social media handles. The trailer will be released very soon.

The cast of the movie includes Jun Jong-Seo, Kim Ji-Hun, and Park Yu-Rim in leading roles. The movie is directed by Lee Chung-Yun, who is well-known for his work like “The Call” and “Bargain.” The leading actor, Jun Jong-Seo, was also a part of “The Call.”


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