Godzilla Minus One Review: I have been looking forward to seeing this film since it was released in Japan, and my excitement grew as time went on because of the positive reviews and the Best Visual Effects Academy Award it received. The Godzilla film winning an Oscar is a major deal, and the reviews for this one were also surprising because most of them said that the human part of the film is as good as the Godzilla part.

The anticipation was high, but the chances of this film being released in India were low. I am not sure why, but it was never released in Indian theatres. But, being a Godzilla fan, I was still waiting for the VOD release, so I watched it when it became available. To say the least, this is the best Godzilla film released recently.

I enjoyed seeing Godzilla Minus One because it focused on human stories and made us care about them when Godzilla fighting. This is not something I have seen in the Godzilla movie. Focusing on the human story does not mean there was no Godzilla action; there was. The Godzilla action in this one feels different and beautiful to look at. The VFX work is outstanding; they won an Oscar for it, but what they achieved that stands out in this one is having a few cuts in between shots and using wide angles to show us the entire action scene.

When I watch a Godzilla movie, I remember telling myself that I would love to be in a safe spot and watch Godzilla fight. Still, most Godzilla movies show us close-up shots of Godzilla fighting rather than a wide-angle shot. And when they use the wide angle shot, they use it for a short time, at night and that is why we could not see Godzilla clearly.

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But all my complaints were not true in the case of Godzilla Minus One because they used a wide angle almost every time, and throughout the film, whenever Godzilla fights, he does so during the day, letting us see him clearly. This for me was the best part of the movie.

On top of this, Godzilla minus one has a $15 million budget. Although competing against films like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, which had a $250–$300 million budget, they still won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. This shows that having a budget alone will not get you what you want; instead, having a vision and enthusiastic staff will.

Also, there were only thirty VFX artists hired for Minus One. Director Yamazaki said that while companies like Marvel employ outside VFX companies to handle their visual effects, we handled all the VFX ourselves. Perhaps I think this is what happens when you have enthusiastic individuals who genuinely enjoy what they do. And we can see the success and how much the people loved the movie.

I am still sad that I could have watched this in the theatre if they had released it and enjoyed it with my friends but nevertheless, I had fun watching Godzilla Minus One.

The Film Is Now Streaming On Netflix.



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