A Killer Paradox Episode 4 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents an action crime thriller South Korean drama with eight episodes. A bunch of intriguing elements will make the audience engaged on this show for sure.

The plot revolves around Lee Tang, a college student, who unexpectedly kills a stranger, who turns out to be the man was a serial killer. How his life changes after the murder is the core plot of the show.

The fourth episode opens with a group of friends coming out of restaurant after a celebration party. They all seemed drunk. One middle aged man from the group left alone from the group. He booked a driver for his car, someone came and took him on his car. He was pretty drunk and a sudden call came to his phone. The real driver called him, because driver didn’t see none or any car at the location.

The man asked the current driver to stop the vehicle and go back. The fake driver murdered the man and thrown his on to the river. Four months later, a girl came to the convenience store and asked manager about Lee Tang. He returned all the money and left the job days ago.

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Nan gam started investigating a serial killer case. A prosecutor got stabbed with knife multiple times and horribly died. Nam gam went to a computer and comics freak’s house. Roh bin,the guy was a former cyber criminal. Nam gam took him in custody and interrogated him, but nothing came out of his mouth. Later they released him, when he was at home, a delivery guy came inside.

It was Lee Tang as a delivery boy after four months of missing. Seems like he and Roh bin were partners, Nan gam had suspicion on them for a long time. Nan Gam again entered Roh bin’s house and tried to beat him in front of live cameras, other cops chased Lee Tang’s delivery bike but unfortunately, they got behind someone else’s bike.

The story now goes back to four months before present day, Lee Tang left his family and wrote note a for them saying that he’s looking forward for a new life and new purpose. While he was traveling on the train, Roh bin sat near him and started talking about OnlyForHeroes. Roh Bin took Lee Tang to his home and showed him everything. Roh bin has a complete collection of databases of every criminal in the city.

Different weapons, criminal histories of people, evidence, and a lot more are gathered and collected illegally from Police departments and servers by Roh bin. Lee Tang during the midnight, took a criminal profile and a weapon, then he left outside silently. He chased a prosecutor and kidnapped on car to a distant place. He tied the man near a beach, and Roh bin came to the location later.

He checked the crime the man did, the prosecutor killed a woman brutally in the past. Lee Tang got triggered after seeing the video and murdered the man brutally.

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Overall the fourth episode was totally engaging and interesting. The character variation of Lee Tang makes the episode more stronger. The entry of a new character gave another strength to the main lead. Comparatively the much better episode from the first four episodes. The technical side and cinematography were excellent in this episode. Can’t wait to watch the next episodes.



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