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Twisted Metal Episodes Meaning: Peacock Original presents a ten-episode post-apocalyptic American action series that is currently streaming on the Peacock app & SonyLIV with English audio & subtitles.

In this episode, we are going to discuss the meaning of all episode names. The episodes names of this series are used in a code language that we will decode with explanations. The story is originally a live-action adaptation of the famous racing-action game of Sony Playstation named “Twisted Metal.”

The story is about a driver who accepts a job to deliver a secret package in San Francisco. But during his journey, he faces lots of troubles around the post-apocalyptic world.

  1. WLUDRV: The meaning of this title is “Will You Drive.” In this episode, Raven asks John to drive for her. This is the meaning of this title.
  2. 3RNCRCS: This is the second episode. The meaning of this title is “3 Ring Circus.” This name defines the adventure of John, Quiet & Sweet Tooth.
  3. NTHLAW1: The meaning of this title is “And The Law Won.” In this episode, John & Quiet are captured by Law Man Agent Stone.
  4. WHZDARE: The meaning of this title is “Who’s There.” In this episode, John uses the joke “Knock Knock,” “Who’s There.” That’s why the makers used this code as a title.
  5. CRZSRDS: This title defines “Crossroads.” In this episode, John & Quiet’s roads become separated as both have different needs.
  6. DRVTHRU: The meaning of this title is “Drive-Thru.” In this episode, Quiet accepts John’s request and becomes his partner.
  7. NUTHOUZ: The meaning of this title is “Nut Houses.” In this episode, John & Quiet complete their mission and go to a “Nut House” with the delivery package. The “Nut House” is basically a gas station where all Milkmen come, stay, do parties & fill up their car’s gas tank.
  8. EV3L1N: The code defines the name of the title as “Evelyn.” This is a story about John’s car named “Evelyn.” The story is in two parts: in the past story, it shows how John met his car & in the present story, it shows how his car said goodbye to him.
  9. RO4DK11: The meaning of this title is “Roadkill.” In this episode, everybody joins for the final attack.
  10. SHNGRLA: This is the final episode which means “Shangri-La.” This is the final showdown, but just the beginning. John enters to win in the first test & enters inside the Wall. But Raven informs him about the “Car Race Tournament” between the world’s best drivers, which is the beginning of “Twisted Metal.”


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