Twisted Metal Episode 2: Las Vegas is the area of that clown, he is a psychopath hitchhiker behind of them. John & Quiet are together in his car running from him. A car-chasing action sequence happened between them. They broke into a big casino and the clown is just finding them everywhere. That big fat clown guy hit John very hard, but little music peace him down. They became friends but the clown is a pure psychopath.

So, This killer crown antagonist is actually known As ” Sweet tooth”. Sweet Tooth loves dolls and named them all. Talking with John sweetly, he kidnaps Quiet in a giant glass cage, Quiet has the key to their car. Later he set her free and organized dinner for them and also did a stage performance for them. After the performance when John said his awful performance was good, he became angry as he wanted to know the truth. Quiet opened up her mouth and said his performance was worst.

We saw STU & His friend in a butcher shop. They were caught because they are sleeping in duty time. Right agent Stone came to meet them and killed all butchers inside the shop. So, Stu & Mike were guards they were on a scouting mission from Seattle looking for trading routes. Their car broke down and those Butchers captured them. So, Agent Stone offer them to join with him and bring back the law & order to the divided states of America. So, they joined them.

A place where Agent Stone offers his workers good food & place. Later he informed them about their initiation, so they have a supply truck that brings important provisions for them but it broke down badly. So, Stone wants Stu & Mike to protect that truck. Stone’s assistant gives them a sniper to protect the truck from seagulls. so, seagulls are basically normal survivors & they hunt them down. And they killed them down.

A weird psychopath who loves to hear the truth no matter how bad ur is. John & Quiet started their adventure again there they met a checkpoint that the two guys Stu & Mike is guarding. But, Quiet saw that guy who killed her brother so she went off the car to kill him. But both of them electrolyzed. So, with more delays how John will reach his destination? Let’s find out in the next episode.

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