Twisted Metal Episode 3: Back in 2002, when Stone was a young guy and member of the Topeka PD. People generally ignored him, when he started to one then they both ignored it & soon some asteroids fall into the earth and stopped the internet & electronic devices. After that, he changed his place and there one day a couple attacked him because he was stupid.

Later he crying in his room, A World man came up and requested him to capture those couples. He went to hunt them down but found some men. Those men started joking with him so he killed everyone present there

Let’s back to the present, Quiet & John were captured & taken into DMV. While searching their car Mike& Stu found John’s childhood photos & the map of Chicago too. The map is actually ignored all the checkpoints of Agent Stone. John asked to Quiet how she know Agent Shepard. Soon, Agent Stone comes up he said how they made this HQ over a river. He shows a map of John to him and said this map is the path that avoids all checkpoints & that’s why he doubting on John as a mapmaker.

Stu & Mikd started interrogating him and asked him to fill out a bunch of forms. Later also did some test on them weird deadly tests. Stone asked him to say the name of Mapmaker otherwise he will throw them into ” Red Line”. John finally understood it’s Stone who killed Quiet’s brother. John talked about his memory & how he was alone with just a burned photo.

He also said about the delivery mission which leads his dream but it’s not gonna complete. They finally reached the red line, which is a big HEIGHT area where the building is ending. As John is afraid of the height he & Quiet manipulated Stu and managed to escape from DMV. But, Quiet went to kill down Agent Shepard & stopped there.

John & Quiet managed to escape from DMV. As Stu helped them to run out His friend Mike captured him. Quiet wants to go to a place without any wall where everyone lives in peace, the place is a sanctuary city in the Midwest it’s known as Topeka. So a new journey started let’s see what dangers are coming.

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