It’s about the past, John found himself in a car and found a photo there was burned down. Then a lady comes up and steals that car. He became alone in the forest and there he found an abandoned car ” Evelyn”. He got also some money there too.

One day he met some grooms and that Car helped him to leave from there. Because Evelyn saved him he promised that one day he will upgrade it & repair it also.

Back to the present John & Quiet is heading towards San Francisco. There she found the photo of John, but mistakenly it went outside from the window. While they are busy to find the photo, a group of Holy Men steals his favorite car ” Evelyn”. He loves ” Evelyn” too much so wants to find it. Luckily they have the package. So, this is the rescue mission of ” Evelyn” , wait Evelyn is not a girl she is a car.

They sneak into the place of Holy Man, they wear black masks & enjoying themselves there. Then a guy came named ” Preacher”, it’s their annual pilgrimage. They admire themselves as a god, John & Quiet is between them right then their car arrived. A Holy man gifted the car to Preacher, as John wants his car so he challenges a clash with Preacher. When John is unable to fight with him, Quiet went inside to steal a car.

On the other side, Preacher wants John to hang in there he crosses. As a body was already on that cross, so they caged John. Right then, Quiet reached there and told her to leave but, John don’t wanna go without ” Evelyn”. When he went to steal them, Preacher captured him and a fire busted his car. That’s How Evelyn died. John remember the old days, how he repaired her with some scrap parts. Now, it’s dead and busted.

A sweet story of A Car & a man will make you emotional. But, now his car blasted how we will complete his mission? Let’s see next.

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