Twisted Metal Episode 10: Last fight between Stone vs Quiet & John. Soon the psychopath clown Sweet Tooth joined them too. The last fight with cars & Guns was quite interesting. So, Sweet Tooth, Stu & Mike is on the way to hunt down Stone. Right then the fight got interesting when Watts came down with its racing car, the car soo fast that it can beat a rocket too. But A last fight must end up some life, as Amber died in a bullet in the car fight .

Sweet Tooth is psycho he turned down the truck which was actually our side, later Stu shoots Sweet Tooth for saving Mike. Stone is still on the ground and it’s now between him & John, Quiet. At the very end, they tackled Stones’s car but both of them are fainted. When Quiet woke up found John is still unconscious. So, Quiet talked with Stone he have the gun on Quiet’s head, and right that moment she said ” Knock Knock” & John threw the axe on Stones’s head. After that, they left him to die there alone.

On the other side, Amber & Watts survived also Stu & Mike too. Quiet & John immediately went to meet with Raven in San Francisco and handover the package to her. John completed his mission so he got permission to go inside but the deal was Only John can be inside there . As John doesn’t want to be inside without Quiet, so Quiet first in his arm and said that he must be inside as he spend his whole life to complete this mission. John is taken inside & Quiet leave that place.

John is now inside the wall of San Francisco. On the other side Raven finally opened the secret package for which John follow a deadly journey. The package consists of nothing but a ” Rocky Road ” ice cream. So, John passed in the test and he must be prepared for a new position. But, Raven said he should be acclimated because he wants to feel a good life inside the wall.

One month later, John got a good life. His life became colorful. He became a citizen of the city spending a quiet life there. But, inside he felt empty . John also met with Diane & went to dinner with her but can’t be happy. Diane also worked under Raven, so for her order, Diane met with him. But not only this, The whole city is just trying to pretend with him. As he can’t be happy here so he decided to leave the City. But, Raven takes him into a house where he used to live. John finally found his house and photos of his parents too. He recalls the past days, how he faced the accident, and how he was inside that car but, John thinks it’s not him. His home is outside the wall with Quiet .

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Quiet became stronger, she used to robbing Milkmen. She delivers those robbed foods & medicines to poor people.

Raven invited John for a new post. She informed him about a tournament between the best drivers across the country. The tournament has only one rule is ” Survive”. She wants John to win the tournament because Calypso offering a prize for this. The winner will get what their heart desire and their greatest wish will come true. She wants to win the Tournament.

At the end of the series, we saw Quiet face some girls wearing masks. And the one who is in front of her said to Quiet that ” She Heard that Quiet knows her brother & her brother is John”. If you watch closely the photo which John has, there was a girl also present there. Yes, so John has a daughter too! What happened to her? What she became? Will John accept to run into the tournament? Well, things questions aren’t answered yet.

If you are looking for the answer then you have to wait for the next season. Season 1 of ” Twisted Metal is currently streaming now in SonyLIV in the English language along with subtitles.



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