What is Crimson Sky & How Mariko did do it?: The Ten-episodic war drama series ” Shogun ” is currently streaming now on Hotstar & Hulu. “Crimson Sky” is a very important war technique in this series. That is what Toranaga wants to implement in his attack. But what is it? Let’s know in this article.

Before we start our discussion let’s have a quick recap of the story of this series. It’s the story of Lord Toranaga who fights against the council of reagents. As we know, Crimson Sky is a single violent rush attack to wear down the strength of the Council. This tactic is super efficient.

Toranaga wants more time to prepare himself to attack Ishido. But it’s important to choose whom, he will appoint to do this attack. He first chooses his brother but Nobutatsu already works with the Council of Regents.

At this time, Toranaga appointed Lady Mariko to do this Crimson Sky. Lady Mariko regrets what her family did so she wants to punish herself always but can’t do it. So, Toranaga appointed her to do ” Crimson Sky” by this he got more time to recover from the death of his son. He always wanted to take out his alliance from Osaka. In Osaka, he wants to take out his other wife & son. Also, he knows about the friendship of Lady Ochiba & Mariko.

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The friendship between Ochiba & Mariko worked but Ishido didn’t want to let Mariko go from Osaka. So he attacked where she was staying by this Lady Mariko died. Lady Mariko’s loss of her life. By this the council of Regents became weakened & Lady Ochiba also with Lord Toranaga. By this, we can say, this ” Crimson Sky” finally worked with Help of Lady Mariko. This is the secret plan of Lord Toranaga. Now, everything is on his side. Let’s see what will happen next.

All ten episodes of ” Shōgun” is currently streaming now on Disney plus Hotstar & Hulu.



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