Twisted Metal Episode 6: We saw The O.C. Farmlands, where Quiet & Loud stay together. They have a beautiful life near the farm. Later we see O.C. Beachlands where Loud works. They work beneath the rich people. Those rich people cut Quiet’s finger also. They were tired of those people so one day at night, they both left the city.

Quiet found herself in a pizza shop. She is angry as she wanted to kill him near the Amusement park. But, John is also not sure whether Stone dies or not. They started quarreling with each other & then started intimating. After when Quiet wakes up she decided to leave there to finish the unfinished work, John tries to stop her at that moment they saw unusual in the sky which leads to ” Watkyn Storm”.

Of this storm, Quiet was unable to go outside. So, Watkyn Storm basically started when a nuclear plant in Watkyn harbor exploded when the power went out. It’s poisoned the whole atmosphere. During the storm, they became so close started gossiping about each other. Later at night, He asked Quiet to come with him for the delivery. As he wants a life inside the wall with Quiet. Butz Quiet is afraid to go there as she knows life in the walk is very bad, as once a time she stated there beneath some rich man .

She is frustrated with John but also loved him because there is no one without him. At late night they eat burgers, sleep together, and dream of a happy life. Next day when John wakes up found Quiet not with him. He thought maybe Quiet left but she isn’t. Quiet read them carefully for the adventure to New Chicago.

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