Twisted Metal Episode 5: A new day new journey they met an accident with a vulture. In his car, they found some CDs. They are near Topeka which is three miles away. Quiet take one flower from the amber and poured it into John’s Drink. John don’t know about it and drink it later he fainted in the road.

So, it seems that Quiet doesn’t want John to be with her in Topeka. After John wakes up not found Quiet there but only found a letter from her. There she mentioned, Topeka isn’t what she told earlier instead it is actually the Headquarters of Agent Stone. The only thing she wants is revenge so she wanted to take the life of Stone. Lastly she wished John that he must succeed in his delivery and get a happy life. John thought to leave as he wants to fulfill his dream.

She went into the car of two officers and killed them, later she take their dress too. So, Topeka isn’t she described earlier? It’s full off Laws Officer of Stone. Here we can see, She hallucinates her brother Loud while roaming in Topeka. She missed her brother so started enjoying the imagination.

There she found a statue of Agent Stone. In Topeka where Agent Stone lives and he is angry because his officers are unable to find the Milkman John & Quiet. He ordered two officers to find them immediately and later they also found Quiet in Topeka, luckily she escaped. But, they informed it to General Stone. So she went to talk with him.

Sweet Tooth reaches near the DAM where DMV is situated. He entered there and killed all guards. Then rescued all prisoners including Stu also. So Sweet Tooth & Stu became friends now and started a new journey.

So, Stu & Sweet Tooth heading towards to Chicago. On the other side, a head-to-head car fight happened between Quiet & General Stone. But, Stone got the success to blow up her car but she is alive somehow. Seeing her alive Stone is going to crush her at that moment John comes up and blows Stone’s car. So, Quiet is fainted now let’s see what happened next.

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