Twisted Metal Episode 1: Peacock Orginal presents a Ten- episodic post-apocalyptic American action series that is currently streaming now in the Peacock app & SonyLIV along with English audio & subtitles.

Before discussing episode-wise recap let’s know about the story of this series. The story is Originally a Live action adaptation of the famous Racing-action game on Sony Playstation named as ” Twisted Metal”. The story is about a driver who accepted a job to deliver a secret package in San Francisco. But during his journey, he faced a lot of troubles around the post-apocalyptic world.

The story started Twenty years ago when the world became a wasteland because of a big apocalyptic dunk. Due to some bug, computers, power grids, Internet, all went off over the world. Some cities put a big wall to protect themselves & thew out all criminals out of that wall. Outside the wall criminals fright each other for cars. & guns. So the insiders stay inside & outsiders at outside.

But there are some people who drive across different places to deliver some precious cargo from one walled city to another known as Milkman. But their journeys are not easy that’s why the guns are valuable. So, we see our male protagonist John Doe who travel Across the World, fighting people with various gun-armored car. He is a talkative guy who loves music and expert to control cars.

Twisted Metal
Twisted Metal

John actually a milkman, who has a big package from ” Paso Robles”. So, the people who attacked him or we can say leftover criminals are known as ” Vultures”. But, John easily handles them and delivers the package safely. He met the guards of the city they take out the package which he have in his car and also put new deliveries for him. So, its Fresh batteries he has to deliver to Gravesboro colony & some usual shipment of medication to New San Francisco.

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As a Milkman his job will never finish in this big world. At the end of the day, he is a lonely man who never forgets his duty. During travel, he met lots of Vultures on the road who interrupt his delivery system but he can easily handle them.

After reaching In San Francisco he found lots of pedestrians there,. The guards after checking the medicines ordered him that The COO of New San Francisco wants to talk with him. So, this time he enters the city through the Wall. Inside, they stripped John and checked him thoroughly after that put musk on his head. When it opens John found, Raven The COO Of New San Francisco. Raven said lots of Milkman comes and go but she loves John’s consistency. She hired him to pick up a package and bring it back. But, there are some rules,

First, John must don’t know what he actually transporting. Second, The package is in New Chicago. John knows Chicago is too far and risky so first he doesn’t want to accept this. But Raven offered him anything she will be paid what he wants. John wants Unlimited gas, a new T-shirt, and toilet paper also. But Raven has a big surprise for him, If he succeeded to bring the package to her she will make him a permanent citizen of new San Francisco. Later John met Raven’s husband Noah in their Home. Noah used to be a Milkman now they have a baby name ” Dove”.

John found there a happy life which reminds him of his childhood days. John wants this life, so he accepted the deal. He has to finish the delivery in between 10 days, one second over can expire the deal. He went to meet with Tommy because he need a map of Chicago. Tommy alerted him this is a suicidal mission without any covers. The Vultures of those places are actually Predators. But John gloms the risk.

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In Nevada, we See A vulture trying to escape from some agents. In the car, there is a brother & sister girl named Quiet & boy named Loud. They are badly defeated by a Guy who is the kind of professional of all vultures. The man who captured them is known as Agent Stone, he gave them choices If they resist, he will napalm of both of them now any of them must take his own life. Loud decided to give his life where his sister survived.

The first episode is a kind of introductory episode, Where John is appointed a new mission. But he doesn’t know what Waits is behind it. In the last, we see the real face of Raven, ” Dove” is not her baby & Noah isn’t her husband. She just pretended to do this drama because she wants John to agree to this mission.

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After arriving in Las Vegas he met with Quiet but they both saw a Clown Vulture is coming toward them. So, What’s the danger waiting for John? What’s actually inside the package? Let’s See in the next episode.



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