Twisted Metal Episode 9: Stu & Mike along with Sweet Tooth went to hunt down Agent Stone. They badly tortured Mike as he tried to kill them. After Sweet Tooth left, Mike requested Stu to get out of him as Sweeth Tooth is a psycho killer.

John is totally broken down after losing his car. Meanwhile, Quiet has that package, and while she tried to leave met an accident. Right then, a Holy man came and met with her & Started talking with her near a river. When he finishes his talking he is on the way to kill Quiet that moment Amber the Pharmacist came and saved her. When she went inside found John also there. John said he have 48 hours left to deliver the package .

So, Amber and Watt deliver both a John & Quiet to San Francisco. Later they started repairing the car and started talking. Quiet said she loved him but John choose his car first. John said that Evelyn was his only friend when he was alone. But, now he chooses Quiet as a partner. He also admired that he is better with her. Right then, danger comes up someone attacked their truck. So, they ready themselves, make ready a new car with guns & named it ” Roadkill”.

Stone is ready for a final move, he met with other officers and informed them to hunt Down. Quiet, John reached Stone’s Blockhead but found all cars surrounding them. The final showdown is coming up when Sweet Tooth joined them on the battlefield. Let’s who will win the last fight.

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