Twisted Metal Episode 7: In 1989, during the shooting of a teleshow named ” Billy & Two Scoops,” the little actor was angry about the name of the show. He was angry with his stepdad and went for the shoot. During the show, he found that everybody actually loves ” Billy” who is a dog but not him. So, later he Killed ” Billy ” during the live telecast.,

Quiet & John reached the gate of New Chicago but the gate is covered with the lake so they see a small hut there. When they went there found a big basement and a guy talked with them through Mike. John thought he might be ” Calypso”. He not allowed John to come inside but just allowed him to go and met Raven. Later they reached ” The Nut House” which is actually a pit stoppage for milkmen. Quiet filled the Gas and met with Mary. Mary is John’s old girlfriend.

So, Mary is the kind of expert who wiped down the whole Vulture’s nest just for craps also there are Pizza Boy, Petunia, Pit Viper & also Mr. Slam these all are expert Milkman. Later Mary said to Quiet that, John only loves his car other than nobody. but This is John’s last ride & he also tells Marry that after it he will go into the wall.

Soon, everyone inside the Pit is ready to kill John. As they want to kill John takes the package to Vulture so that they can enter into the wall. A fight started between John, Quiet and all others present there. They knocked down everybody and leave from there.

It looks like Agent Stone is still alive. He got a call that Sweet Tooth but their Colorado outpost just like Utah & The Dam.

Sweet Tooth is doing something important he said to Stu that ” Closure” and then we saw ” Blackfield Asylum East Wing”. The big one we saw at the beginning is Sweet Tooth actually. After that incident, they sent them to the asylum. In the asylum in which cell Sweet Tooth lived, he killed his stepfather also with his mother, and lock them. So after a long time, he came here with Stu & crushed their old skulls.

After that when He come back found that all the other Vulture’s died. So, it’s Agent Stone attacked them. But, sweet tooth captured Mike because he wants to know where Stone is now.

In the end, we saw during the Fight in ” The Nut House” everybody died without Pit Viper. Pit viper massaged Stone about the Quiet & John heading towards to San Francisco. Let’s see what’s gonna happen next.

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