Who destroyed Blackthorne’s Ship & Why?: American war drama series ” Shogun” is currently streaming now on Disney Hotstar & Hulu in English language along with subtitles. In the final episode we see, that John Blackthorne’s ship has been destroyed, let’s know who did this & why.

Before we start discussions, let’s know about the story of this series. This is a civil war of ancient Japan where Toranaga fights with the Council of Regents who tried to turn him down.

In the final Episode after Mariko dies, Ishido lets Toranaga’s wife to return in Ajiro. It says, that Mariko successfully achieved that Crimson Sky tactic but by this she accepted her death which she demanded for a long time. After returning to Ajiro Blackthorne saw his ship had been destroyed. He understood that he couldn’t go to his city because his only ship ” Erasmus” destroyed badly.

Toranaga tells him that they will find out who destroyed his ship & he will punish him. But Blackthorne doesn’t want him to do it because He seeks revenge he thinks that it was Mariko who destroyed his ship, as she doesn’t want to let him fight with those Portuguese. But Toranaga, doesn’t let him to after infact he wants to find out but Blackthorne tries to sacrifice his life to stop Toranaga.

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Later Toranaga talks with Yabushige, where we understand that there is none infact Toranaga himself destroyed Blackthorne’s ship. As he doesn’t to let him return to his own country. Toranaga wants him to stay in Japan for a long time & guide the Japanese army about new techniques.

He ordered Blackthorne to build a new ship it would take a long time, after that he informed Blackthorne that it was himself who Destroyed Blackthorne’s ship. So, he wants Blackthorne to stay & he wants to know more about English culture & attack’ techniques. That’s why Lord Toranaga destroyed Blackthorne’s ship.

That’s about,who Destroyed Blackthorne’s ship. If you have any more questions left you can ask in the comment section.



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