A Killer Paradox Episode 3: Netflix presents an eight-episodic psychological crime thriller drama. Yet another thriller with investigation and intriguing elements which makes the audience engaged. The plot revolves around Lee Tang, a college student, who unexpectedly kills a man, who turns out to be the man was a serial killer.

The third episode opens with a flashback portion of Seon Yeo-ok, the lady who was murdered by Lee Tang. She was sitting inside a room with a bunch of girls. She started to light up the cigarette. Due to a gas leak from the nearest room, the whole blasted away.

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Everyone died except her, but still, she had some scars on her face. Later, her parents talked opposite to her. Shockingly, she killed both of them without any hesitation. She covered their bodies neatly and placed them under the ground in front of her house. In the present day, she is socked in blood all over, dead for days.

The cop was discharged from the hospital after getting stabbed by two young teenagers. The teenagers had already been murdered by Lee Tang. The police department started their investigation into three murders at the same time, including the lady. Lee Tang stayed at home all day, he didn’t go to the convenience store for work, he already received his salary in advance. Turns out that, the two teenagers were real criminals in the past. They raped school girls and covered it with lies.

Lee Tang once again killed people with criminal behavior only. The schoolgirl did suicide after the rape. Now,father of that girl took claim for the murder of those two teenagers. He was instructed by a telegram user to kill those teenagers, but somehow he couldn’t do it. But after hearing the news of their death, he got surrendered.

The police department wasn’t convinced by the testimony of the girl’s father. They asked him to go back home. In front of the station, a speed car came across him and hit him. The car was driven by the victim’s mother, she wanted to hit the car as revenge. Lee Tang got a notice from the police to settle the money of the convenience store owner, he said yes and took the money to the bank. In front of the bank, two guys robbed his bag and escaped on a bike.

Flashback visuals appear suddenly, Sang muk, the girl’s father; was witnessing the fight between teenagers and Lee Tang. In the present, Sang Muk was admitted to a hospital after the car attack, Lee Tang were also admitted on the same hospital after a robbery attack on him. Sang Muk got a message from the ‘OnlyForHeroes’ telegram account.

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After that, he met Lee Tang at the same hospital and told him to leave the place. Lee Tang found that he is the one who helped him to reach home after the murder. Another flashback of Sang Muk appeared, he was drinking and talking with a man, wearing a Batman hoodie. The stranger sitting across from Sang Muk told him to get revenge against the criminals. The episode ends with that flashback sequence.

This was all about the ‘A Killer Paradox Episode 3 Recap and Explanation. Overall the third episode was a bit slower than the other episodes. The character of Lee Tang went through frequent changes. The screenplay was focused mostly on parallel narrative, the flashback and present portions appeared back to back. The excitement about Lee Tang’s next movements is going high, will let everyone know after watching the next episode.



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