“Halo” Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Explained: Paramount+ Presents an eight-episodic sci-fi American series ” Halo”. As of now total of Six episodes are currently streaming now, the rest will come weekly. “Halo” is based on a popular FPS game of exactly the same name. After getting a huge viewership from Season 1, the makers are back with the Season.

In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of Episode 8, before it let’s have a quick knowledge about the story.

The story is about A man named John-117 who became a Spartan & now he is fighting with the alien covenant to save humanity. Previously we have seen John & Makee find out the location of Halo. While Kai is leading a new team along with Parez to fight with the Covenant army. Let’s see what will happen next.

We are at the end of the end. We see John is speaking with an unknown existence. John asks him what actually happened down there. The unknown existence said ” Death but not yours”. The unknown existence talks about a vast facility that is also unknown to him. But only he knows about it. More he mentioned dark places contain Dark things.

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The whole scene turns into a spore which is examined by Miranda. She is examining an unknown substance that she found in the underground chamber. She thought these spores were dominant. Another lab assistant named Janine said these spores remained dominant for millions of years before they activated. They might activated through temperature, light, and PH level. She said biology isn’t a strong suit for Miranda. Janine became a biologist because of Halsey.

Janine closely looking the substance that Halsey gives to Miranda. As the conversation not went well Janine came outside. We see the spores are multiplying speedily. Miranda thought Janine might touched that but Janine said she didn’t. After Janine left from there, she got anxious & got strange veins in her body. Then she got furious and killed her coworker with a pair of scissors. We see the cells in her body growing so fast, which also Miranda discovered in the sample in the lab.

We see Parez praying in Spanish meanwhile Kai reaches there & informs her to trust in the training. There ships were destroyed a little bit but they are in a suit. Remembering this is not a simulation & Parez tried to control herself. Kai, Parez & some of the soldiers of the Javeline team heading towards the covenant ship. The whole scene is extremely anxious. They hover over the space & reach in a covenant ship. Kai ordered Parez to get into the breach point.

She along with other teams gets into the covenant ship. They see some of the Spartans from the first wave falling on the ground. Meanwhile, the alien group waited for them & attacked them. Kai understood that they learnt this from the first wave. So, aliens know their plan & become more cleaver. Soon some Sangheili warriors attacked them too. Some of them are able to kill them but some are not. Kai understood they were in a bad situation. Soon the Fleet comes to take them. But before they reach on them to save the cavalry ships are cut down by laser but the large warship which is covered into the covenant fleet. Master Chief hearing this. As the situation gets worse.

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He tried to contact Kai & Parangosky ordered him to go to the HALO as soon as possible. He remembered his words with Parez & understood his responsibility. He flips up a coin & suits up his armour. Parangosky tried to stop him but John said she had no idea what he was able to do. On the other side, the situation between Kai’s team becoming worse as they have no ammo left.

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Kai & Perez took some of the alien ammo but Perez got hurt badly. Soon they see help. The ad master chief jumped there& killed down all Elites within a second. The legendary Master Chief is back with a bang. He shows how powerful he is alone. Man! This scene is insane! Then they try to see the situation of the battle. John said it’s not over yet. Chief said he didn’t wanna leave anyone.

Cortana tried to share her analysis with Makee in the covenant ship. She said to Makee that if they fire at this rate they will disintegrate before reaching on the surface. Cortana also suggest Makee leave this ship by the pod. Makee changed the topic and asked Cortana if John would come into the Halo or not but Cortana remained silent. Makee understood the loyalty of her to Master Chief. She asks Cortana to predict her fate. Cortana said she would die soon. And then Makee destroyed the device of CORTANA.

On the other side, Master Chief aka John is heading towards the Halo. He got connected with Chief Parangosky. She tried to convince Master Chief. As she said one of the covenant ships is moving towards the Halo & she also instructed John to go there fast as soon as possible. John is fed up by taking orders from her so he cuts the Comms. Kwan on the other side got the visuals of the spiritual lady saying “Run”. She understood that they had to leave this place as soon as possible. She talked about the darkness with Soren. She said about the Monster. Soren is on the way to save Laera & Kessler.

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Kessler & Laera talking with Ackerson. Ackerson is also in the jail. Meanwhile, He also found Janine in another cell. He was trying to communicate with her but didn’t get any response. We see Janine is badly infected & a strange parasite coming out of her mouth.

Kwan & Soren inside the prison sees the people frozen horribly. Kwan realised that they were not breathing & went out of this creepy hall. The infected people are also moving on the way they are heading towards. On the other side, Janine was also badly infected & became alive. Her face is also badly affected. She started to attack Kessler & Laera by using her huge tentacles.

"Halo" Season 2 Review | Paramount+

Meanwhile, Ackerson takes out the gun from a guard and shoots on Janine. That guard is also infected & heading towards Ackerson. But he has no ammo left in his gun. Soren & Kwan found the video footage of Laera & Kessler. Now they are heading towards to save them. The unknown parasite taken control of the human body & makes tentacles it’s very horrible. Luckily, Soren & Kwan saved them. They also saved Ackerson’s life too.

Alien Covenant is already reached on Halo & Parangosky tried to contact with Master Chief. She brought Halsey & requested her to order Master Chief. Halsey started to instruct him as she did , she informed him that the ship he is pursuing is being pulled into the Halo’s gravity & breaking up. Parangosky doesn’t understand why John is heading towards an empty Covenant ship. So, John must go there to save Cortana.

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Meantime, we see that same interrogating scene of the master chief along with the unknown existence. The unknown man said that John had a mission to save the ring but John had a responsibility to save Cortana’s life. He wants an explanation from John. John said only Cortana knows him & that’s why her life matters. He saw the broken chip & became emotional. Right at that moment, Cortana makes contact with him from the ships. She said that she simulated all the possible outcomes & now they are both going to be destroyed. Then the ship is going towards the Halo ring very fast. Then it fell down on the Halo.

Master Chief wakes up in the land of Halo. The sacred ring is beautiful. Whenever he saw the sky the beautiful music of Halo gives you a chill. Oh! CORTANA is alive she said about the Halo as it’s the perfect fusion of artificial intelligence and organic life. Meaning, a life of both AI & Organic. More, this place is a living Network. She instructed John to find Makee near the large structure.

It’s beautiful the Halo ring. Cortana said whoever builds this place uses the technology beyond the limits of human comprehension. Cortana thinks everything leads John here & Makee just believe in his prophecy. Meanwhile, we see, the Arbiter & Makee also there.

Parez wakes up & sees how the Covenant ship destroying human ships. Kai controls one of the covenant ships & attacks the Huge covenant warship. Maybe that’s the sacrifice of Kai. So now they are winning. Meantime, Miranda connect with Halsey informing them about the problem with the Artifact that they brought from the archaeological site.

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She also said that it looked like kind of a parasite & Halsey tried to look near of her & saw half-dead soldiers standing. Soon, she feared about the circumstances heading towards her daughter & soon those parasites started attacking. One of them started to attack Halsey but luckily one soldier saved her & accepted their own death.

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Parangosky is also hunted by the parasite. Halsey came out from the communication zone & Locked them. These parasites speed faster Kwan, and Soren also attacked. They tried to attack them but Kwan’s ammos are empty. She stopped fighting & imagined that same divine lady known as ” The Mother”. She said, ” I knew you’d find me, we knew you would deliver us.”. Kwan wants to know who is she.

The mother replied, ” I’m you, Protector. Was you. So long ago, no one remembers. All your ancestors are here with me; we are all within”. She instructed Kwan to go as she was unable to control those parasites more. Kwan lastly asks,” What is it”.

The mother replied, ” It’s the cohesion. the meaning, the final equilibrium, this is the end”. Lastly, she mentioned what we are waiting for, as she said ” This is the flood” As we see how floods are outnumbered. It’s a very popular parasite that we see in the game. Kwan is able to come out from the Flood Watchers. Halsey met with Miranda. She is stunned by seeing this microorganism but Miranda says it’s not beautiful when affects humans. Halsey said it’s a neuroreactive. She thought it must have a connection with the advanced city under the planet ONYX.

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She also said she must know about the civilization of HALO. Halsey stopped talking with her daughter & busy with her work. Meanwhile, Miranda found that her mother was also infected by the Flood. As Kessler & Laera is leaving with Ackerson & Soren. Soren stops & instructs them to go as he wants to find Kwan. Kwan reached there soon and told them to leave as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Laera sacrificed herself & locked herself while everyone was out there. Then we see Laera also infected by the flood. She expressed her love for Soren and left from there.

Makee & Arbiter see John is also waiting for them. Then the Arbiter started fighting with John. A dual-combat scene makes this episode more superior. They were Both badly hurt & master chief was unable to turn down the Arbiter. He badly smashed master chief but he woke up again. He woke up with more power & killed down the Arbiter.

John killed down the Arbiter & took the Revenge Vannak. Meanwhile, Makee touched on an artefact and opened a door. We see how Soren emotionally breaks down. Kessler is also missing his Mother. The young boy said “The Monsters are real” & hugged his father.

Miranda put her mother in a cryo-chamber & promised to bring her back. Makee said things about Halo are going to be new soon. Cortana told the chief to look and then we see a set of big spires awaken & rise out from the Halo’s surface. Chief follower Makee into the dark hallways of Halo. While UNSC also reached there too. Then we bring today the same dark scene where the master chief talking with an unknown voice who tells the chief that the fight doesn’t end. He asks John why he fights & John replies they took his image & bent it for their purposes.

He also said the armour belongs to him that’s why he fights. They also follow the words of Makee but the chief said she isn’t trustworthy. Then we saw the voice who is speaking from the beginning he is kind of a blue circle-like thing ( maybe The Gravemind from the game) & the second speaker is Guilty Spark known as ” The Monitor”. Which is also an AI which is constructed by the Halo creators, the forerunners. Master Chief wears his helmet this one is slightly broken. He is ready to go down into the deep to follow The Monitor where his next mission gonna start.

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That’s how the second season of Halo ended in a tragic way. It gives us chill & we can’t wait anymore to see what is waiting for Master Chief in the next season.

All eight episodes of ” HALO” are currently streaming now on Paramount+ with English language along with subtitles.


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