“Halo” Episode 4: Paramount+ Presents an eight-episodic sci-fi American series ” Halo” which is streaming now with Three episodes only, the rest will come weekly. Here is the recap and summary of episode 4 of the show.

” Halo” is based on a popular FPS game of exactly the same name. After getting a huge viewership from Season 1, the makers are back with the Season. In this article, we are gonna discuss the recap of Episode 4, before it let’s have a quick knowledge about the story. The story is about A man named John-117 who became a Spartan & now he is fighting with the alien covenant to save humanity.

The best part of the last episode is it’s starting & ending. Master Chief is like framing by UNI as his theory went wrong. People are thinking that he is become mentally unstable. The alien covenant already attacked on Reach. let’s see what’s gonna happen next.

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Started with Vannak who is at the top of the building & gives food to Pigeon. Right then we saw a bomb blast in different areas of the Planet. The situation is unstable the place is totally destroyed. Perez’s house was destroyed & her whole family died. A complete destruction done by the Alien Covenant. Things are giving us chill literally. Only gamers are related to what’s the feeling now .

Perez was broken totally after her family died. Meanwhile Master Chief tried to give her comfort. Right now, he should go to the FLEETCOM to find his gear & then link up with the defensive force. Perez also went with him. The upper city portion doesn’t know about this attack meanwhile a group of Sanheli Warriors attacked those people. The Sanheli Warriors used camouflage mode & did the surprise attack. John killed one of them without any gear & armour. The situation is out of the hands right now.

Just like the Game, the whole place is on the verge of destruction but John & Perez is trying to find out the way to go into the FLEETCOM. He found a 600-year-old axe & met a woman named Jade there. Jade doesn’t want to go anywhere because she loves her shop too much. Perez said that the aliens gonna glass this planet so she should leave as soon as possible but That woman didn’t want to go, so they left.

We also see typical gaming UAVs & Machine Guns. He got the guns from Riz. Riz ordered that she wanted five Mariners to cover them so they traverse to the defilade by the Bridgehead. Riz’s personal trainer Louis also covered them. The whole action scene is very chilling to see.

We saw the awesome acting sequence between John & the Aliens. Guns, grades & fires that’s how everything going right now. In the meantime, Danilo husband of Louis died in the attack. Right then, The Wraith ( cannon ship shown in the game )attacked on them so Louis ordered Riz to get out from there & then he sacrificed himself.

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Riz, Perez & John heading towards to FLEETCOM now. Reaching there, John found everyone injured but this not a time to be emotionally divested. He left Perez there & gave her his lucky coin. While Silver’s team get together without Kai it’s looks like she already left for hunting.

Vannak said to the chief ” The armour’s gone”. It looks like Ackerson has taken those armour’s with him. John understood it, he asked Vannak about Ackerson but looks like he also doesn’t know anything. Later he met with Admiral and complained about Ackerson who left their suits. Admiral Keyes seeks sorry from John as his assumptions are right.

The cobalt team was KIA at Visegrad & they all died. Right now, he has no information about how many aliens are in the Reach, basically, they are targeting & hitting the power stations. Right now, the MAC-array goes down & no more orbital defence left. The covenant fleet can move into range, then the Glassing will begin. The admiral ordered him to evacuate the people of the Reach.

Later he started to speak about his strategy of. They are creating a choke point but right now they are outnumbered, but if they can concentrate their forces they can do the job. Keyes ordered all the soldiers not to surrender. He also motivated all of them saying to them that they have huge courage. Later he introduced to everyone about John-117 known as Mater Chief. He ordered everyone to be a warrior like him. People got the courage to attack against the aliens.

He instructed John to give his best. Admiral Keyes wants to join in this war but John requests him not to do this because people need a leader like Keyes. John, along with Riz & Vannak went into the war. He instructed Keyes to help the people to evacuate. We saw massive destruction in the planet.

Soren is with Halsey in a simulation. They felt the war was going outside. Halsey is happy to see Soren alive. Then with a bang, the simulation was gone & they found a door. Soren went outside. The whole inside office turned red signifying the danger was coming. Soren is unable to find the way out, so Halsey asks him to trust her. They reached into place where Incarceration is a secondary purpose first purpose is experimentation & interrogation site which ONI access only. She wants to know about Kessler but Soren doesn’t to share personal matters.

Halsey said that Soren was a very driven & a born warrior. He was just 6 when he joined the Spartans. SOREN said how he escaped from here & made a life. Later they found some dead bodies attacked by a Plasma gun.

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Later they reached into the prison and found no prisoners there. There she found Cortana too who saying her to ” Run”. Meantime, we made at behind of Cortana, so she is back again!. She takes the Cortana with her & leaves a Boss of Sangheili warriors. Soren left the Grande to him & left there. Halsey knows about Soren’s strength & potential but after the augmentation failed John started to take the place.

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Later, Soren & Halsey met with Keyes. Halsey first wants to know Miranda & she also informs that they took Cortana with them. She said Makee took it with a Sangheili. Perez is helping people evacuate. Soon, Soren hears some sounds. The. We see a group of Jackals attacked in the evacuation place. John’s went cover the main tower with Vannak & Riz. Soon the group of Aliens attacked them. First, they attacked them & then went to the main tower to save the people.

Keyes are on the ship but after seeing Perez, he instructs him to take care of the ship. Then He went to start the fuel of the ship but got surrounded by the Jackals. Keyes ordered Perez to start the ship, meanwhile, Hasley also wanted to save him but couldn’t do it. Keyes near the gas station smoking like a boss, he throws his smoke & sacrifices himself like a true hero. Perez got out the ship with the people of the Reach.

Meanwhile, John reached in the main tower and finally met with Halsey after a long time. Also met with Soren Too. They saw the whole city destroyed. The beautiful city is on burning like hell. Soon, a blast happened and Jackals attacked there. Again an intense fight scenes where we see the power of John & Soren together. They killed down the Jackals but later some Sangheili reached there. John took the plasma sword of one of the Sangheili & started to fight with the Boss Sangheili. But he failed because one alien attacked on him,so the boss killed it because he was literally going to do a duel with John.

But later the Boss Sangheili is on the way to kill him & just right then again Makee stops him by saying ” Not Yet”. John became speechless by watching Makee alive; right then Vannak attacked that boss alien by a plasma gun. Vannak had literally no idea what he had done,the boss took out an ammo ( which is a plasma) & killed Vannak by it. John starts screaming with anger but Makee leaves from there with that Sangheili boss.

The whole scene is soo emotional. We see Vannak lying on the floor at the edge of death & watching the Pigeons Roaming over the sky. That this episode ended. That’s the best episode till now. We saw some real Actions that the gamers might love. But I can say the real game is just begun.

Four episodes of ” HALO” are currently streaming now in Paramount+ in English language with subtitles.



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