Iron Reign Episode 7 Recap and Explained: Netflix presents an intriguing Spanish crime thriller series. This eight-episodic crime drama revolves around a drug cartel business around Barcelona. A bunch of officers and employees from Barcelona port are involved with a drug mafia to deliver cocaine shipments to the country. Things will get messy when the leader of the port gets attacked by unknown people, at the same time they lose an important cocaine shipment from the port.

Episode 7 opens with a flashback of Nestor and his wife from their teenage life. Nestor’s wife Rocio walking through the port, went inside the pub. While She was having a few drinks, suddenly her father Joaquin Manchado appeared and had a conversation with Victor and Nestor. She noticed their arguments and later went to support them near the shore.

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The three became close friends from their teenage days. Back at the present day, She starts crying after seeing the dead bodies of her brother Ricardo and her uncle. On the other side, Borra is still being tortured by the Frenchman and drug cartel for the money.

The police department shared the belongings of Ricardo and his uncle with Nestor’s wife. She checked their call history and other details. Nestor is on a call with police officers, and after that, he tries to cool his wife. She is almost depressed after seeing the dead bodies of her family members. Nestor comes close to her and comforts her. He explained to her that, there had been a mole inside the port for a long time.

A girl named Nuri is an undercover agent, who faked her identity and worked at the port. Suddenly, Nestor’s wife remembers that she met the undercover agent at the restaurant, they had clashed with each other while leaving and she dropped her bag in front of the girl.

Nestor conducted the funeral ceremony for Ricardo and his uncle. The Frenchman came to meet Nestor at the funeral ceremony, he is concerned about the consignment which disappeared from the port. Nestor assures that the deaths in the family have nothing to do with the missing drugs, also he added that he will sort out everything after the funeral. Meanwhile, Nestor’s wife took the sim car remains from the belongs of Roman to a mobile expert, and one of her friends recommended her to the hacker.

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She wants to recover the lost drama from the sim card, the expert tries his best to recover the data and successfully transfers everything to a memory card. She took the memory and put it in her purse, while she started the car, a kid took her bag and ran away into the street. She asked help from a cop from the street while the kid ran away with the bag.

Victor kept waiting inside the car to rescue the undercover agent from the port officer. When the officer leaves the abandoned building, Victor slowly escapes from his car and hides behind another car. After confirming that the officer has left the place, Victor slowly enters the building and talks with Nuri. She was covered in blood and couldn’t talk much. Victor gives a knife to her after cutting the ropes on her hand. She took the knife and waited for the kidnapping associates to arrive.

Later they arrived, Nuri took the knife and slit the throat of one man, suddenly Victor attacked another man from behind. During the fight, they shot at each other, Victor suddenly escaped from the building, but the men came with gun behind him. Victor drives a car and hits one of the men and he kills the other guy too. The port officer found out that the undercover agent came to his office and stole a sim card by hooking one of his staff. He creates a scene in front of other officers.

A flashback portion from 2006 appears, Victor and Rocio during their young days were shown. They were friends in their young days and went out many times without family attention. Later after years, Rocio got married to Nestor and Victor got disappointed with it. On the day of her first night with Nestor, she came out of her house and met with Victor.

They had a little conversation and slowly they both ended up kissing each other. In the present, Victor somehow kills the kidnappers and slowly walks through the highway, covered in blood. He seems tired and exhausted after the fights during the rescue mission.

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Overall the episode looks more violent than the previous episodes. The character arc Victor became strong in this episode. The episode leads with a key twist element, which will be revealed only in the next episode. The past relationship with Victor is showcased well in this episode, which gives a more emotional touch to the end. Let’s see how the finale episode ends.



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